drilling cranks

i know that people drill holes in kris holm cranks but can you do the same thing with nimbus ventures?

if this has been done already, got any pictures? and will it weaken them?

thanks :slight_smile:

The nimbus cranks are built to be much lighter than the KH cranks, and they have a bottle-neck shape that would make the metal very thin if you drilled a hole. Not sure if it would work.

Ventures are way too weak to drill!! Don’t do it ! :stuck_out_tongue: But they are also really light so there’s no need to drill them, only because of look, but they will probably break pretty fast if you drill them, and strength more important than look and weight IMO :slight_smile:
So I would say no!

For those wanting to reduce rotational weight on their 36ers, the qu-ax isis cranks are much lighter than ventures, and about half the weight of moments. So unless you plan to do drops or other extreme stuff on your 36er, why not forget drilling your heavier cranks and just get these? And there on sale as well for only $10 a pair! :smiley:

I have a pair of those Qu-Ax 114s. They’re excellent for road riding on the Coker, and beautiful!

Yes, and I just ordered a pair of 114’s. I thought about getting the 100’s, but the 114’s are more versatile, and closer in size to my 110 moments, so the difference in speed and feel should be nil, or as “Dr Evil” might say, “inconsequential”. :stuck_out_tongue:

The QuAx aluminum cranks are pretty light, can handle muni for a little while, I have a few pairs that I got on sale in a 170, they lasted about three months of regular riding before othey started slipping.

If you want lightweight, the Venture are about as good as you can get, and even those will probably wear faster than Moments.

There are better places to cut weight, such as pedals, tire/tube, seat post, seat, even frame. Rotational weight is more significant than crank weight, so get a lighter tire.

My current 29er is very light:

KH Frame
KH Freeride Seat
KH Adj Seat Post
Salsa QR Seat Post Clamp
KH Seat Stiffener with custom grab handle/brake hanger
KH Freeride Rim
Nimbus Hub
Nimbus Venture II 150’s
Fixation Mesa Pedals
Maxxis Ardent 2.4
Duro 26 x 3 DH Tube

I could cut weight by changing:

Frame: not much to lose, already have mine as bare aluminum, Ti is heavier
Fixed seat post (under consideration, will limit max seat angle)
Single bolt seat post clamp (harder to adjust for up/downhill)
Lightweight tube (more flats)
Lose the brake (less control)
Grab handle setup: light and powerful, not much to gain, lots to lose
Shorter cranks (less power, more difficult to use for off road riding)
Lighter tire (not much to lose here, but an RR is lighter, though less effective)
Lighter pedals, are there any that are lighter and won’t break?
Rim: Nothing to lose
Hub: KH Ti hub is too fragile, maybe the Addict ti hub?
Spokes/Nips: Maybe DB spokes would be lighter?

But seriously, other than the possibility of a lighter seat post and maybe the hub, most of these changes would lead to more increased parts failure, less effective control, and for a few ounces it is insignificant in terms of weight change.

BTW, I wouldn’t drill those Ventures :roll_eyes:

This is what a happy muni looks like after a nice ride. Good muni, good muni, stay! :wink:

I know its not the best idea, but did anybody drill Nimbus Venture2 cranks yet?
I think of doing it and hearing some opinions from someone who (presumably) did it before will be greatly appreciated!


It’s such a bad idea that no one has done it, so you can be the first to ruin some cranks :roll_eyes:

Are you doing it further lighten them or are you trying to have a second pedal position?

Since there are already folks who have bent them, I’d bet that drilling holes will lead to broken cranks. I’d try some Quax, they are light and pretty strong for their weight, plus they’re inexpensive.

I need that extra hole for pedal position. I know QU-AX cranks and use them on some of my other unicycles. Both their 125s and 145s have the perfect profile for extra pedal holes but, unfortunately, they’re not thick enough in the middle :frowning:
However, besides Moments of course, the new Ventures seem the most drill-able of all available options now…if only those back grooves would not be there to provide more tensile strength!

@Nurse Ben: can you link me to the bent Venture2 story?

Thank you,

Why you don’t just get shorter fixed length cranks and swap the cranks then?

hehe, why not swap with another unicycle…or maybe a bicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m the one into mods, trying to do nice things, you know…