Drillims toast after 2 years of hard use!

Clips of any kind are a BAD idea, and you’ll just be asking for a face plant! Stick with good solid platform pedals. For my 36er, I use magnesium Azonics, Light, grippy, durable and less than $30 a pair.

Toe clips sound dangerous, at the slightest fall you could end up breaking something, whereas if you had been able to jump off you’d have been fine. Try tieing your laces to the pedal and ride like that… it hurts (been there, done that… tuck your laces in…)

I believe Sam uses half toe clips for his regular rides and SPDs for his serious record attempts.
Not 100% sure though.
You’ll have to ask him.

Yeah, there’s a few riders around that use toe clips (or half toe clips) or SPDs for road riding. There’s been reports of SPDs for muni too, but I don’t think that’s so successful. I am assured that it is very very easy to get out of them when you need to, and it becomes so automatic that you don’t even think about what you have to do. It is up there on my list of things to try… but not quite at the top of the list yet :slight_smile:


Wow, I already got my brand new set of drilliums! I called the company on Sunday-the same day my old ones bit the dust-and placed the order over the phone. Today, only 2 days later, they arrived! Now that’s fast! I LOVE these pedals; they’re a work of art i tells ya! :smiley:


I wish I’d gotten the instead of my 50/50’s.

Unicycle porn!

Have fun! Maybe some day I’ll upgrade from plastic…

50/50 s require attention. If you dont use threadlock on them and keep a close eye on them you will lose pieces and they will fall apart.

Those Speedplay look great.

I use Crankbrothers clipless on my bikes and although they are fairly easy to clip out of I dont think Id use them on a UNI
Disclaimer: tonight will be my first try on my new UNI and deff not clipping in LOL

Well I still use the odyssey twisted plastics om my KH trials uni.

I’m actually unbelievably jelous of those pedals… If I had a grand to spend right id have those (and a KH24 08)

Oh… I want money!

I know, thats why I took them off. It was getting annoying adjusting the pedals before, during, and after every ride. Besides that problem, they were great pedals. They felt amazing on my feet and had the perfect width and grip.

When my 50/50’s fell apart I took them to Crank Bros. and they gave me a pair of 50/50x with sealed bearings. I have not had a problem since.

I think you mean 50/50xx and those were the ones I was supposed to get, but the stupid “Califrornia based” Chinese people sent me the wrong ones.:frowning: Like I said nice pedals, just to annoying to maintain.