Drillims toast after 2 years of hard use!

Without warning, and after about 2 years of hard use riding almost daily, the left drillium pedal seized up, throwing off the front of my MUni this morning! Me and two riding buddies had just started our 9 mile ride, and after only 1 mile, it happened. Actually, at the very beginning of the ride I noticed a little extra in/out play on the left pedal and thought I just needed to tighten it. Wrong!

Although there was plenty of grease still inside-apparently coating the spindle, it became metal to metal and you could feel the insides grinding really bad. Well, I bid them good riding and turned back, and just as I got back, the left pedal FLEW right off the spindle! Good timing! I got home, took the pedal apart, degreased it for closer inspection, and you can see by the pics, the spindle is totally shot! You can even see a piece of metal that “corkscrewed” off, hanging off the spindle.

I also found the likely cause…the spindle is BENT. Slightly bent but enough to cause intermittent metal to metal contact as it rotated. But with all the constant hard use and big drops, I’m actually surprised they lasted this long! And the likely reason it did become bent, was the fact that there was some play (on the spindle) in the first place! So I placed an order for a new pair a few minutes ago from a bike shop in San Louis Obispo, (Lowest price and free shipping too!) and I should have a new pair by Tuesday, or Wednesday. In the meantime, I’ll just use the pedals that came with my '07 KH MUni.





Dang, too late to edit the title for incorrect spelling! Oh well, it’s actually Drillium pedals, by Speedplay. :o

Oh dear, look like pretty good pedals though! You got a fair few miles out of them too!

2 years is a huge lifespan for a pair of pedals, and think on the bright side, now you get to get a shiny new pair!

Far and away the best pedals I have ever owned! Tons of foot area and low profile. So grippy you might think your clipped in! Beautiful pedals! :smiley:


true that I need new pedals every 3 months if I’m lucky. Oh yeah I ride plastics tho.

Wow, any more metal spikes on that and it would be a cheese grater! :astonished:
(so i wouldnt be able to buy it in the UK 'till I’m 18 lol)

How much are they by any chance terry?

Pretty much everyplace sells them for $109. The only place I found them for less than that was Art’s cyclery at $99 with free shipping. Yeah they’re expensive, but well worth it imo.:smiley:

Time for a viking funeral I suspect.

ouch, thats about £70! If I were you I’d be annoyed right about now lol.

Great Idea!!! They (or at least the broken one) deserve a proper sendoff! :sunglasses:

Haha, very good Jeremy! But Morty does mind his food cooked once in a hwhile! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Actually, the whole house now reeks of lighter fluid! :astonished: What I won’t do for a gag, lol! :D)

hahaha poor morty :frowning:
Well they went in style! Although I don’t think you can cremate pedals very well. Are you going to put its remains into a pot on the mantle?

I think I’ll use it as a paper weight! I’ll put it on all my Unicycle purchase receipts! :smiley:

cool! well not at the moment, its on fire! :astonished:


Crap, you’re right… OMG…Whoops, there wasn’t anything wrong with it…hurry, where’s my fire extinguisher?!:o

hahaha how long 'till this is in the moment pun thread?

not long!

here is an example of an equivalent UK price

But I wondered about these for keeping your feet in the pedal

Apparently this guy used toeclips for his world record attempt: