Drilled Wheel?

I have seen many trials bikers use drilled rims. They do 10ft to flat landing on their back wheel, so I would presume that it isn’t week at all. I am not a weight freak, but I just got an awsome deal for a holed rim. Would it be a good idea to get this thing?


Bike trials is completely different from uni trials… A properly landed 10’ drop ca be as soft on a wheel as a 3’ drop on a unicycle… Ever notice how many of them use square taper cranks?

Buy the drilled rim if you want… It costs a lot more. I have ridden a DX-32, Monty, and currently a try-all (drilled). I bought it thinking it’d be good. It’s the weakest rim I’ve ever owned. I noticed no performance difference at all between my DX-32 and Try-all. I’dgo with a DX-32 or KH if I had to re-do my uni.

have you broken it?

bike trials riders are much softer when they land. drilled rims are standard for bike trials, drilling takes alot of weight off for how little strengnth is lost. I don’t think you can buy an undrilled rim anymore (except dx32, and kh) even the current monty rims are drilled. The problem for us is that only a select few of these new rims come in 36 hole, which is a dying pattern in bike trials.

One company from Japan, ZHI has recently started making 36 hole 19" rims that are 38mm wide (bigger than sun doublewide) which is also a new bike trials standard. I bought one of these rims at trialsin.com, and will post a review when I get it built up and tested.

Do you have a link to that rim? I was looking at those rims a long time ago but I could only find the 32 hole rims.


It looks just like the green 32 hole rim pictured on trialsin.com. It dosen’t say on his site, but Tim has a few in stock (I think he said 5 or something like that) and only in silver, demand is pretty limited for the 36. this is because all biketrials hubs are 32hole.

I’ll let you know how well or poorly this holds up to flat spotting after I build it up.

I looked at a trialforum and I read that some trialbikers use KH rims on there bike.
Some like it, a few don’t.
I have found a picture from a KH rim after 2 months use on a trialbike:
Here’s the whole thread: http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=78250&hl=Kris+Holm


That isn’t a KH for one it’s a drilled rim. Also the sides are wayy messed, and I read that thread and I don’t think they said it was a KH rim in the pic, they were just mentioning a rim that someone destroyed. I think they were actualy mentioning the ronnie picture as it is the one he mentioned starting off with, so I’m assuming that that is another ronnie rim that was destroyed.

bah, that rim has a few grinds left on it.

Yeah you’r right, I think it’s a Try All.


The new KH rims are drilled. That isn’t a KH rim though. Meh.

I makes the rim weaker and the rim will be only a few grams lighter.


Try-all’s are drilled all the way through. That one is not. Drilling does not make the side wall weaker, someone had a bad landing.

Not really, the rim loses only a little bit of strength and it loses quite some weight. If you doubt it, you can always ask Kris.