Drilled out Airfoil rims?

I have a question about drilled out airfoil rims, I was thinking about getting mine drilled out and was talking to some people who said not to do it because it would ruin the rim and be really weak. Waht is the general consensus among forum users on this subject. Thanks


that it would make the rim incredibly weak.

But then what about drilled trials rims? They may be weaker, but theyr’e certainly not weak.

If the airfoil is to only be used on the road…I think it would be an interesting experiment…just not one I’d do to my airfoil :smiley:

airfoil is farther away from the center (axle), and not as strong to begin with. not sure though. it might work. wouldnt for terry though

Is the airfoil really not as strong? Have you ever seen a airfoil on a super-wide hub taco/potato chip?

And Terry isn’t using it solely for road riding…as my previous condition stated.

Someone on these forums has done several and said that they are plenty strong enough. I don’t know who it was, sorry but I believe they claimed a significant weight advantage.

The rim would still be strong enough, send Pete Perron a PM, he has drilled several airfoils.

His forum name is: unisk8r

I think you might save more weight by drilling the tire. :roll_eyes:

Though it looks like there’s a way to shave a little weight off the Airfoil, those tires sure are heavy. There might actually be a way to take some weight off without ruining its rideability, but I’m not sure what method.

I’ve never heard of anyone ever tacoing an airfoil. Also, several have been drilled out successfully.

I was talking to him about it, but I wanted a second opinion from the forums…