Drilled Frame

I was just thinking today what would happen if I drilled some weight reduction holes through an older KH Steel frame. Would it completely fold right off the bat or do you think it might last ?

it’s old. does it already have stress fractures? how much weight do you expect to save? just doesn’t seem prudent to ride swiss cheese. Bad idea. how good is your health and dental insurance?

well I live in canada so health care is not really a problem even if I am riding right now with a hernia since I am still on a waiting list to get it fixed hahahaha.

The frame really is not going to cost me anything so I might just go for it and see what happens. I am going to be mainly using it for urban assault so it wont deal with the North Shore destruction that my other 24" will be receiving.

You should figure out how much weight you’ll save.

It’s some kind of cromoly tubing right? Maybe if you knew how thick the tube walls are you could figure out the total volume of material you’ll be removing.
You’d have to find the weight of the cromoly, and I’m sure there’d be some fudge factor… but you’d get a ballpark idea of weight savings. Then use that number to help make your decision.

My guess… if you drill holes and can tell a difference in weight, you’ve probably drilled too many and it will fail. If you can’t feel the difference, then you’ve got a weaker frame for no reason.

It might be better to keep it working and sell it some day.
Some newbie could learn to ride on it.

I would just be worried that it would rust on the inside. I’ve never seen a frame break at the legs so I don’t think that would be a big problem, just make sure the crown and neck are strong.
If it rusts inside you might be doomed though.

well i think I know how I can fix the problem of water getting in… Cork! yup that should solve that problem, Ill just plug the holes lol

I kinda wanna do it just to see what its like.

You should totally drill bid holes in it then paint it yellow with a long nose and eyes! spongebob

Stuffing the hoes w/ large enough corks may just add the weight back on (or more). I’d wrap them w/ a layer of duct tape.

DH rides (or rode) a drilled steel KH frame for Muni. In the “post your uni” thread a guy from Europe drilled his Koxx street frame. As memory serves the holes were about every 1.5 inches Dan’s Muni looks more like 3+ inches.

These rust fears are overblown unless you are storing your uni under the back stairs where it gets hit by the sprinklers.

But there are things to do to make sure it’s not an issue.

Just squirt Bosheild t-9 or J.P. Wiegle Framesaver in the frame and make sure you have a couple of small drain holes at the bottom of the frame and rust will not be an issue. Using Boshield/frame saver twice a year will be often enough.

But with that said I wouldn’t do it (drill holes). Notice that bike weight weenies don’t drill their frames. Components yes, but not frames. Like was said above you won’t save enough weight without sacrificing strength. Only two tubes to hold you up and they are under both compression and torsion stress.

Now if you just want to do it for kicks n giggles than go for it. But I would ride it with leg armor for when it does break.

Drilling into a tubular steel frame should be done more for a sense of aesthetics than useful weight savings. That style of frame is already pretty efficient on weight; anything beyond a minimal bit of drilling would probably make it a great deal weaker.

To save “useful” weight, stick with the rotating parts of the unicycle; especially the rim & tire. If it’s for Trials and other vertical-type riding, there are often opportunities for a lot of weight loss in the seat and post as well.