Drift mag vid

did a lil riding yesterday for a local magazine. this chick rocks at editing, definitely 102348982304809x better than anything i’ve edited.

That was really cool! The video was very well done and the riding was also great. It’s cool that you are getting media attention like this!

It’s nice to see and edited video of you, it makes it so much more interesting to watch

hahah yeah man, my editing is shit compared to this :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, that fall was crazy :stuck_out_tongue: The rails are crazy as always.

I think the filming is the most noticeable improvement, the edit was good but the angles made it interesting.

Your best vid yet :). The filming and editing made it so much more enjoyable!

Congratulations… that was mighty fine. Cool to see that fall. Kinda smacked the hip, huh?

Great video! There should be some kind of like/dislike button for posts.

thanks all! and yeah it got my back pretty good. still pretty bruised today.