hi drewation

can you please tell me what the name of that funky song you have on the vid you have made?

its the video with all the stairs, i think its called snow rider or sumin liek that but yeah can you please let me know of the artist and the name of the song?

if anyone else has seen this video and knows the track then please let me know


drew has a movie?

yeap go to page 4 or 5 to see it the thread is tittled video request. if you recognise the song then please let me now

That would be “Low Rider” by War

I thought zz top did low rider or maybe that just what the file says on my mp3 player

hmm, can anyone say Just Conversation?

Good point.

Well made.

If it is Low Rider by War though - seminal track!

or PM?

or just relax its not that big of a deal

OR we’re not making it that big of a deal, we’re just suggesting some… suggestions.

Me (and my poor grammar) concur with Potter.

Brock, you have this idea that I’m a tightass about everything, when in fact a simple suggestion is just that–a simple suggestion. Yes, it’s just one thread, but clearly the maker of the thread doesn’t understand the nature of posting threads on the forums, so my suggestion will help to prevent further miscategorized threads.

ya cool a thread about me a anyways ya its

low rider - by: war :slight_smile:

I dont think you are a tight ass at all I actually I think your cool. And I guess I was kinda bein an ass so I am soory i just wasnt sure ig you guys were like being jerks or not. see that the problem there is no ability to put the tone of your answer in to the message board

woah chill people

as the tittle says chill. im soz bout puttin this in the wrong forum and thanks for all the actaul usefull replys.