drew ( and crying )Repost from th wizard's psychic blog

Subject: drew ( and crying )Repost from th wizard’s psychic blog
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drew ( and crying )


sunday lunchtime


i might even eat


i made my last wife promise me
pls darlin

dont ever call our boy drew
i know we cant

stop what other ppl call him

but i want yur promise
i wont call him drew

less of course

he goes


i be this name

cause i dont own th guy
ya dig

love ya man
when i came

i called ut yur name

and it was andrew


course she didnt belive me for a month
ya got a belly full of legs andlegs woman

but it all turned out in th end

told ya lady
i psychic


just dont get evrything

thank th fuckin lord


went out lst night
wearin my new
farm overalls
with a bib and all

and dropped into barbie girls

after a coffee
couple of cones with my dealers

fuck they look after me

their two little daughters

4 and 2

and mum


her girls are doin homework on makeup
on jenny’s face

“paulie slash jenny”

no babe
no slash

usin litle girls

they doin facepainting

ok dear

but pls
not too girlie

paulie goin singin
in th fortitude valley

and they did a lovely job


was a bit like th face

id seen with their father
wacthin stripes on th telly
th mad zebra rchorse ya know

cept in mainly blue and green


i’m caramel
and little four year old girl
playin with colours

doin art on my face
and i an wear any art

and go out to play

they’l lov eit
and yes sweetie

i wont wash it off
when i come home from singin
to pretty girls

i promise

we’d discussed it earlier
barbie girl and i
little girl makeup gunna

slide down th face pretty quick
when th sweat hits
from ridin th unicycle thru th
nighttime crowd


she done real fine job
stripe paintjob


i finlly relented


on th llips

you can put blue too

but not th lipstick

still got that page of mine

on a bad day
theres always lipstick

etched in my mind

made me look

kinda asher
i dunnp

felt special

hadnt shaved though

bristlie beard

took my leave
said my thank yous

you know which way round

and went to th valley


singin and
drummin with

brother julian on one corner

and up with kombi dude

and up near t
swingi dance clubs
with rock spider and

all these ppl givin me buds of marijauana

slippin em to me

i dont do it for money

are you mad ?

fnally get back to th car

i’d mentioned th litle girls paint
to few

and started to get blank looks

what out of it
street entertainer ravin about ?

look inth mirror

all gone

so sad little darlin
dont you cry

ransack th car

i got some facepaint here

cant find th green

<<< smile >>>

i find th black

so i redo my makeup
in thmirror in th dark

stark stark black

sitrtin there in my white falcon

gave you a lovely song last night

brought tears

to a few boys

and back out to play
“dint mention yur cry”

a different page



stuck there in new zealand man

incredible guitar
brother of th faith

yur good lady
miss you so bad
hug me and kiss me

and buy me a pack of my favourite smokes

and she hurtin so bad

you singin so nice
and me background and

intertwined in th music

all three of us sittin on a corner

watchinth pretty girls and th pretty boys alk by

and stop

dance and

smiel and shit

all of it

she hurtin so bad

i hurtin so bad

miss you johnno

and when we did play

and im sittin singin with mika and jess
and yur good lady said im goin paulie
a kiss on th cheek and

flown away

im feelin insecure mika
can i prop on th drum
iwontplay it

watchin th pigs
seen them watchin you
and me

and th drum

annoyin em

i keep it quiet brother

want th suppport


this girl walks up

she look like drew barrymore
full luscious lips

cute dimpled smile

and th voice


singin with us boys

not as skinny as i seen drew last

on th wedding singer ont h tv

while th litle girls doin my face

mor like i sen her th other day
onth tube

pregnant and

a few pounds on but

fuck man


and singin with me

and mika and jess

and th guy propped inf ornt of th guitar


her and i

kind aignorin his byplay

he sing good but

no fel man

sittin in front of th hat

so i wheedle art ya in thmusic occasionally

are you listening man ?

ubt im so fuckin ;lost
in this girl

who looks like drew
specially in th lips

and she sing so sweet

not dressed mega
frumpie if truth told

dressed down

and im lost

she singin girls blues

and imsingin

lock that girl down

and aint that shitty

she want her freedom and

she dont have it


we back and forth


starin at each other in th bridge

mika flamenco

wanderin inth brodge and

slip into background
with wild tiger stripes on

my mask in place


and this drop dead gorgeous

black haired young


man she wanted me
hey mika

sidles into my arm

and elat
im fuckin torn

cause she’s

so fuckin pretty and

i singin with so fuckin pretty

this girl is stunning

i double stunned

and coupel of othe girls

her girlfriends

plonk infornt of me and

she asks

what y story
and i getinto it
a few lines

i like to sing and play and

not my story ya want

wanna tell me your story

thats where its goin


tell me your story

“but fuck i’m torn”

still tryin to sing background

“carried away”

ana ccountant

real pretty

features so fine and

fucked at th world

never know what i wanna do

what cant i know what i wanna do ?

oh pretty lady

cant stand to see apretty lady cryin inside

and they all pretty lady cryin inside

ya know

i get up every morning
and its good

gad to be alive

and you bitchin

all of oyu

youa nd yur friends

i got to uni

ot m,y paper

ig ot work and

makin money

and im not happy

we got boilermakers
do their trade five years
and learn somethin else
they cant keep em

shity job

all day

so they multi skill

we go tbuilders

start as a brickie

be tiel layer

get a gas ticket

dont wann be bored all day

smilin at me
fuckin stunning

smilin at me
kissin me on cheek

i kiss hers bvack

bnig streak of black

my makeup over yurs

got wipe it of

im sorry

and she no
no way

kiss me again
and we rub faces

wanna knwo where i live

wanna fly away

“i’m torn”
“cryin inside”
“still pullin back to”
“beauiful girl”

“still singin”
“wanna go back to drew”
“And fly away”

but yur smilin at me now
and guck you are stunning

and tellina nther lost soul
a man hurti

talk to this guy
talk to this guy
and he say shi

i say hi

“i’m torn”
“i’m makin music”

“and i’m sorry”
“bu i am gunna turn away”

“ya got th worng anatomy”
“but io aint gunna tell ya that”

“gunna sing sweetly at ya”
“and msile”

“still got that”
“stunning girls smile”

“but man”
“gunna lock eyes with drew again”

“and listen to her lyrics”
“comin outta her”

“she easin th pain”

“for all of us”

“and mika and jess and i”

we all lookin at eachother

and listenin to all four of us

five of us
dont really wnat you to go away

we just want th pretty girl
with th stunning voice

to keep lettin go

cause all us three black boys


we all flyin away

tears when she walked away

we sitin there

we aint talkin about

th stuinnin creature
with blackhair

that dripped off paulies shoulder


little kisses

but we will later

“fuck pualie”

yeah man

it’s still fuckin good
to come and song to a pretty grl

even if ya dont wanna take em

take em flyin away

ah jess

she stanidnwith you to sing

i sittin next to mika

two guitars goin

th drums doin nuthin
i’m leanin on it

cause i outta th mix

doin my job
stunnings left

and i’m leanin on th drum

drew lookalike

not what th other boys saw

we talked

stunning voice

lyrics from inside


stuttered at th start

so cute

just get me started

wanna sing
got somethin to sing

wantin to sing

a cover

mika go

we all know


we allsmile
and i go

off th beaten path

no woman no cry
she in fckin pain

and ignore th fuckin words

i singin so loud
and so confident

and free

that fucin

outo f it
ther ein jamaica

ya thinka fter tnwenty three cones

eh know th fuckin words ?

and she grin at me

i dig it man

i singin he got cue cards

an auto cue

onlysung it
that way


ya dig it ?

do ya ?

“fucking huge msile”
“And she come out to play”

“and she sing hard”
“and free”

“she fucking carried me”

“ut he rown words”
“sung what it’s in her heart”

“give me fuckin freedom”

“i got no shirt on”

“im freezing”
“it’s winter”
“in my farm overalls”

“With tiger stripes”
“in deep”

“bold black”

“running donmy facE”

“and these just”

“dont fall of”

“when i do it had”

“and th sweat”

“runs down my makeup”

“i got my freedom”

“paulei let me out to play”

“lock th at girl down”

“i sing”

“lock that girl down”

“and give it another refrain”

“fuckin so happy”

“she smilin at me”
“and she feelin th free”

“feel me”


nice jenny

i’m cryig

scuse i


“double stunning”


thank you barbie girl
made jennifer

so fuckin happy

and htat yur sisters name

and im tellin

a litle girl
called jess
paint my face

and it faded away


i just put it back on
so i can keep my promise

and come home
and not

wash it away


we sang poor poor michael

i dont fuckin know

but what if

fuck man
what if

sensitive soul
with a michael jackson mask

do it in front man

give us a moonwalk

and ya did and

we all nearly cried

im singin i’m missin michael

i’m in th buskers jam at dawn

and michael’s not here

love you micahel

we all miss ya man

singin poor poor michael

he so fuckin rich michael

everybody wanna piece of im

but what if
what if
he didnt do it




i sang ben

cause i write about ben
my doberman dog

saved my life

just yesterday

and i remember
wathin this litle boy on th tv
singin ben

man i could do it better than that
know i can

michael jackson’s ben

but it wasnt michael on th tv
was on pot of gold

and man

it was fucked

and ya know

last night
i got th big vpoice
ad rock spider

playin on th drum and trombone
with his michale fac eon

i sang it fucked
exactly as i remember it
as you sang it
little boy

and ya know

i saw some nice smiles


and some really hurt ppl
what if


and yeah michael i did
too fuckin easy

joined th throng and

played it th other way

iy didnt get as long

and that be right

and that be all i got to say


a little girl
four and two

did put my makeup on this day
and with no michael face on

he did say
th pedophile rap

but they my family man
pls dont think that way

but we all men
and we all worry


we all get freaked by it

and prejudged
i not thinkin that way

but h reason you sayin it to me

is cause yur sensitive too
and it bugging you

and we not doin it to make money
we make th pretty girls dance anyway


what if

what if he didnt fuckin do it

no way


i laughed
i cried

i flew everywhich
fuckin way

specially on my fly

my unicycle did say

love ya babe

gotta fly away

one harmonius eternal pig



“that yur species man”
“that latin soundin name ?”

yeah i guess
but i happy prick all th same…