Dream Uni!!!

I am getting an AMAZING UNICYCLE!!! :slight_smile: I am getting the United $555 unicycle with the profile hub!! I am soo freakin excited!!!

dude ur just dreaming… lol

Are you sure? Pinch yourself.

I am not kidding…I just saved up enough money and I am going to go buy it very very soon…it took me a long ass time to get the money!

it tastes all the better when you’ve worked hard for it.

thats cool. im getting a job soon here and im gonna blow all my money on unis. should be fun.

okay so are there any ups and downs to having a rounded off frame? because my good friend and I are going to have the same uni just different frames so what are the main differences in squared and rounded frames?

if i think i know what ur talking about
it is harder to one footed on a rounded frame as tehe is no whre to rest ur foot, this goes for one footed ww and all teh crazy standing on frame tricks

Main difference is gliding, and standupwheelwalking. A square frame MIGHT have a better chance of hitting your knees on it, but hardly ever happens to me.

I’ve ridden the profile/yuni frame trials before, but the guy who owns it has a constantlly broken seat, so I couldn’t do much with it…