Dream Uni

I was just wondering what everyones dream uni would be. It could be any kind (trials, muni, freestyle, whatever you prefer). The uni you would buy if money was not an issue, amd you could get any parts you want. My dream uni would be a custom built trials frame, Alex DX32 double walled trials rim, Profile hub, Try-All sticky trials tire, Shimano MX30 pedals, and a Koxx gel seat.

You’re cruel.

My dream uni(s) consist of an 8’-ish giraffe, probably a 24" MUni with profile or kh/onza hub and other good stuff, a nice freestyle uni, and a coker with some sort of airseat. Also a bi and triverticycle. And I guess one of those ultra-strong 20" trials unis…

Keep dreaming, right? :smiley:

Ok, probably for me a pretty sweet 36" Coker; airfoil rim wheelset on udc hub, a 29" tube, coker tire, black Maguras, airseat with a Gemcrest leather cover on a miyata/torker LX seatbase, with a GB4 stiffener plate, Azonic A-Frame pedals, Qu-Ax 125mm alloy cranks, a GB4 handle, cycle computer, annnnddd… a LIME GREEN GB4 FRAME!!!

A 2005 KH trials would be mine. They’re strong, light, and…cool looking… With a CF koxx gel saddle as well, Odyssey Jim Cielencki pedals with grind plates, Try-all sticky tire…

Just what I have: 05 KH20, except maybe a try-all tire for better grip for natural trials.

One of those geared unicycles would also be nice for doing distance.:slight_smile:

Anyway, I guess I’m basically happy the way I have it now!

Mine would have a motorcycle engine, and an electromagnetic brake/clutch system like the motorized unicycles Frank Malick made in the late 60s. And a Segway-like balancing system so I’d be safer at high speeds. Zoom!

If it had to be a pedaled one, I’d get a titanium Coker frame, shaped like an inverted triangle, with the seat at one end and handlebars at the other. It would be adjustable to fit some range of rider sizes. Brakes, speedometer, lights, etc. etc.


Nuff said.

…Guess what#s sitting in my hallway. Tee hee.

My dream uni would probably be a super done up coker with airfoil rim, handlebars a u-turn wheel etc. That or a koxx one trials.

I’ve been looking at those koxx unicycles too. They’re well nice.

When my onza trials dies I’m a replace it with one of them!
(or before if I could afford it!!)

Big wide rim, try-all tyre, gel seat. mmmmmm.

How weird can our dreams be? :astonished: :wink:

Are we allowed remote-operated telescopic cranks?

What about a wheel built like one of those iris valves (the doors in the early Star Trek?) which can change diameter at the push of a button?

OK, so more sensible than that:

Custom lightweight frame with close clearance, super skinny 700c aero wheel with something like a 19mm tyre, and double butted spokes, alloy seatpost and Miyata saddle with carbon fibre base. Drilled alloy cranks.

In fact, if money’s really no object, then can I have a specially made hub for one of the even lighter rims with fewer than 36 spokes? :sunglasses:

And for winter, just a good durable Muni.

I would want my custom freestyle frame made…

With som high, precision bearing houses, a tight crown/tyre fit, a grippy crown, and a custom length neck, with the saddle-plate at the top, eliminating seatpost and seatpost clamp

Basically a KH with the KOXX tire and 127mm KH cranks… KOXX gel seat… and it would all be prurple


leemans coker


mine would be a 05 KH20 with a magic remote dohicky that could change the size of all the parts and for some reason it was stronger and lighter, and just for those really hot rides it can make slushies apear from no where, and it can make me go invisible and make me fly aswel as some weird thing that would turn it into a BC wheel with a seat and a ferrari moter and was self balencing at high speeds sort of like john foss’ that would be so cool :roll_eyes:

but if it has to be real id say the Kh20


Mine would have to be the Gyroscopic Stabilized Uni, just look up motorised unicycles, it looks like half a road bike,
but my MUni of my dreams, probably a KH 24" with all the extras, and another, KH20" for doing tricks, not too out there, i know, but i have simple wants.:slight_smile:

You could just use a standard hub and get a bit creative with the lacing. Using every other hole on a 48 hole hub would allow you to lace it to a 24 hole rim if you can find one (they’re rare!) or you could try 28 hole rim on a 36 hole hub with spokes grouped in threes and fours. You might suffer some durability problems though…

An easy way to lose some weight from the wheel is go for the thinnest double butted spokes you can find, like DT Revolution 1.8/1.5 (15g/17g in old money). The DT website quotes their weight as 261g for 64 compared to 444g for 64 plain 14g spokes. For a 36 spoke wheel it’ll be about 147g v’s 250g, and the wheel will likely be much stronger than one with fewer thicker spokes.

If you’re serious about finding the lightest components possible check out Weight Weenies


A KH05 frame, A 2.7" slick BMX tire, A Koxx Isis hub with 125 mm cranks, A scott Wallis carbon fiber seat with CF grip and bumper and good foam or gel, Well balanced grinding pedals (made so I never land my foot on the grind plates) with Lexan plates, Titanium spokes (I know it doesn’t make much of a difference, but I don’t care) Alex DX32 rim. Also everything powdercoated. white rim, black spokes, white hub/cranks, white frame, and black from the seatpost up, but maybe a white handle and bumper (can you get colors on CF?).

i would get the Hunter 26" MUni with a brake and a 26x3 inch gazz tire with ponanzer hub and cranks and snafu pedals. if anyone would mind picking me up one of these just holler :wink:

Seat–Gel for trials/street, air for Muni, CF base with CF bumpers, KH rail bracket, thompson post, Salsa flip-lock.
Frame-- Literider or custom titanium for MUni, with brake mounts and HS33s, KH Pro or KH '05 for trials/street.
Wheel–Dx32 with a gazz or try-all (MUni/Trials), Profile Hub with those badass aftermarket cranks they have, Sealed Bearing Snafu’s, and Titanium spokes, wheelbuild by Vin Diesel.

mine will be built around a large-marge + endomorph 26" tire

  • that special hub of mine -I’ve not found anybody to build it yet:( -
    the frame will be painted that special red called “ox blood”
    +magura brakes + ways to tilt the saddle
  • that terrible oïnk-oïnk that scares the s**t out of dogs;)

ah yes: I have the money but not the guy to build it!