dream uni..

[LEFT]if you could have any custum unicycle what would it be?
please list what your custom uni would have…
please list the color of the seat post clamp, frame, ped., ect.
and the frame must be a nimbus…

Nimbus Ti Frame
Thompson Masterpeice seatpost
SW Cf Derail base
Koxx-one Luxury Ultra Fine Foam and Cover
Purple Animal Seat clamp
Kris Holm Moments (125s) with Rollo discs
Nimbus hub
DT Champion Spokes
V!z rim
Shaved White Try-all
Pink Nipples
Odessey Twisted PCs Pink Glow in the dark
Porshe Valve cap


I have my dream MUni already!:smiley:

ya but I kind want ideas of color and syle…

Ah, it would be so easy to be a killjoy here, but I’ll just leave that to Maestro or John…

Be sure it’s really heavy so you can do semiflip to semibackflip with no more effort than a no-footer!

or RILEY!!!

use search function :slight_smile:

Well, I did a desert camo theme, and it’s an '07 KH MUni w/following upgrades:

Thompson seat post
Hope QR
65mm LM rim
24x3 Intense DH tire
Maggie hydros
SW CF derail base and DG CF handle & bumper
Speedplay drillium peds

That camo uni is a beast. It’s awesome:)

Except the seatcover… i need a new one :smiley:

if you could pickzny color seat and ped and clamp etc what you;d it be?

Seat will be all black in future (need to make a new leather cover)
Clamp will stay in that blue
Frame will be silver when the blue is all scratched up
Rim will also be silver when i get a new one (wont be anytime soon… the 08 is too strong haha)

So all in all it will look like this (except the rim that will be silver too):
Thats my uni before i got the longneck.

Let’s see…

nimbus dull black titanium frame with KH style crown, featuring the new and übercool nimbus logo

lightweight 32" wheel set with drilled rim

titanium Schlumpf hub that won’t ever let me down

KH moments dual hole cranks with twisted PCs in green

KH fusion in matching green with enhanced comfort (2009 model with narrower front part and less curvature)

cf seat base, DG + bumper

single bolt seat post clamp in the same fresh green of course

maguras with quick release for easier removal

and of course the new titanium KH super adjustable and übercomfortable handle bar with integrated plasma gun for answering all the dumb comments in a somewhat more satisfying way

I guess that was it for now but of course one would need some different wheel sizes too…