(dramatic scream) NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Aw, man! I just bought a new pair of shoes, and they were soaps, with the little plastic grinder thing on the bottom… when I went out for a ride today, i noticed that the soaps made it really hard to keep my feet on the pedals, but since they were big and heavy I could bunny hop almost twice as high as I used to! What should I do? Use the new shoes, slip, but bunny hop higher? Or use the old shoes, don’t slip, and bunny hop a lot lower? Or both, for different areas of riding?

tear out the grind plate… or give up uni-ing and go soaping on rails =)

Grinding is fun, but NO WAY am I givin’ up unicycling…

I’d say loose the Soaps for uni-ing, and learn to hop just as high (eventually)