Dragonbacks Scare Me

I am 53 years old and I still have nightmares about dragons: dragonbacks, that is! This first set at the beginning of the Blue Clay Park in Wilmington, NC are steep with roots and steps on the up/down hills. I just reached the point where I don’t feel like I am tripping down a flight of stairs when I get out of control. Oh yeah, my second most prevalent nightmare: falling down stairs.

Gotta say… I’m surprised there’s anything to climb in Wilmington. I always pictured it as flat as a pancake. :wink:

I’ll have to make it down to blue clay some day.

JB: we actually have some interesting elevation changes around the creeks and watersheds. Still, most of our stuff is man-made, but fun to ride. It can be a little abrupt at times on a unicycle for an old dude, but I am not complaining.

Those look like fun! :slight_smile:

You ride those well. Any falls appear to be your feet and are well under control.

You might want to start trying to hold on to your seat as that will help keep the uni from bouncing you off.

Keep having fun!

Harley: good advice. I am not always confident enough on skinny and difficult trails to power through things by holding onto the seat. I really need to work on it.

Yeah and holding the seat will keep the wheel from wobbling so much and allow you to put more power into the pedals.

Pads? I wear lots: knee/shin, elbow/forarm, but, helmut & back (aka my backpack). That way I can really push it, and rag doll down the trail dozens of times a ride :roll_eyes: