Drag Seat

Hey, my friend learned dragseat in about 15 minutes yesterday, and he has a bad habit of not telling me how he does tricks he learns, so I have a few questions about how to do it. First, when you put the seat to the ground should you try to lower it? drop it? or throw it down? Also should you be going fast, or slow, or in the middle or what?

allright thx

is it easier to learn dragging seat in back or riding with it in front of you on the ground

I think it’s easier to drop it out back.

Just what I was about to say.

I’m learning it out back, which I find is much easier for me, because I don’t have to worry of tripping on the seat when I fall. I can get about 4 revs every time. What I find helps is to ride as smoothly as possible sib, and then drop the seat and keep going as smoothly as possible.

To me(I know how to drop the seat but not actually RIDE…) the only difference between the two is picking up the seat.

I do it out front. And for those of you who don’t know, I have almost mastered it, except for the picking up the seat part. I did sprain my ankle quite badly by getting it caught between the seatpost and the ground, though.

Well thats stating the obvious.

I taught myself how to mount SIB, that way I don’t have to mess with getting the seat out after mounting seat-in. I’ve tried it with the seat out front too, but I find out back to be way easier. Though I can only get about 2-3 revs in as it is…

I can only get half a rev in before the inbalence and the uneven pressure on the pedals catapults me off the uni and into the air.:smiley: