Downside to 26" ?

Hi, right now I do trails, 2.5 foot drops max, very minor trials (I’m learning)

I have a 26 inch wheel. Are there any downsides to this over a 24" wheel? I can see it being weaker (going on mt mountainbike background), but would it really matter all that much? It seems that a majority of riders are on 24’s.

The main advantage to a 24" wheel is that you can use a Nokian Gazzaloddi 24x3 downhill tire (assuming you have enough frame clearance, and a wide rim), which is considered by many to be the best MUni tire available. There is also a 26x3 Gazz, but that is to big in my opinion, and not many people ride them. Also, as you said, 24" wheels are stronger. If I where you, I would stick with your current unicycle until you start bending parts, and than invest in a 24x3 MUni with a Profile hub.


What’s the tire with cool flames for tread? Do those look awesome but suck?

Re: Downside to 26" ?

— Sofa <> wrote:
> What’s the tire with cool flames for tread? Do those look awesome but
> suck?

This tire is called the Dyno Fireball. Unfortunately it’s no longer available because it’s a good
tire for doing trials on a 24" wheel, and as a general cruiser road tire if you like fat tires.

On the original question, 26 is great for MUni but the 24" rim is MUCH stronger. When I used to
use 26" rims, I had to true the rim after practically every ride. During filming for New World
Disorder 1, I tacoed 5 rims in 4 days (although that was way more than normal due to lots of big
drops). Since switching to 24" rims, I’ve never once wrecked a rim, and the 24x3" Gazz is an
awesome MUni setup.


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Re: Downside to 26" ?

Most technical muni riders (Chris Reeder and Kris Holm, for
example) do use a 24" wheel. A 24x3" Nokian Gazzaloddi brings the actual
diameter to 26". It’s width and volume allow you to roll or hop over
almost anything. Yes, I believe the wheel is stronger, too, as compared
to a 26" wheel. Riding on a 2.6 or wider tire is amazing. You can roll
over roots as if they aren’t even there.
Some riders still choose to use a 26x3 wheel. I have no
experience with these, but they are much heavier with an actual diameter
of 29".
If you ride more xc type trails, IMO a 26" wheel w/ a Gazz Jr. or
Kenda Kolassal would be excellent.


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Re: Downside to 26" ?

> What’s the tire with cool flames for tread? Do those look awesome but
> suck?

The tyre you mention is the 24x3" Dyno “Fireball”. It is an awesome tyre
except on loose wet / muddy surfaces. It’s pretty much the same size as a
24x3" Gazz but some 400g lighter which makes a big difference. The main
weight saving comes from it having thin sidewalls so it has to be run at a
higher PSI rating. It’s much more responsive than any comparible muni tyre
of a similar size thanks to the weight saving and the slick tread . It’s
very quiet too!

Sadly they aren’t made any more and the chances of picking one up are slim
but there might still be some places with some kicking around…