Downlaoding vids to phone & PC

W/ my iPhone 4 I could use the app MusicTube make play-lists and download any YouTube video to cache, but it got stolen :angry:

I now have a Motorola Razor Droid M and can’t figure it out. Also I never could figure out how to get them from Vimeo.

Years ago, and Jess Riegal posted vids that I downloaded to my laptop. (I think it was Windows Movie Maker) I can’t seem to do them any more.

While in browser goto settings and request full site. When done reloading should show download button.

You can always go to savevid dot com and download youtube videos.

Use tubemate for android. You cant get it from the play store though. You have to Google it as Google won’t allow apps which circumvent YouTube and allow you to download it.

I’ve downloaded about 42gb of videos using it.

Yeah I tried a few different apps TubeMate is the only that u can download w/. But it replaced my normal browser and it took a few days to figure out how to get it back (really it was so simple, just re-open Chrome and set it as the new default.

I can’t see how to play randomly w/in a playlist like I could w/ MusicTube on my iPhone. Which was great for playing songs w/o getting sick of them, and a nice surprize w/ the uni vids.

anybody know of another app