Downieville Downhill photos

I was looking through my photos this morning and found I did take some on our Downieville Downhill ride last year. So I just posted 16 photos at

I won’t claim they’re great or anything, but you can see a little of the terrain we’ll be riding Oct 19 as part of the California Muni Weekend, 8th edition.

See for more info.


So is Cliff’s “Cordy Tank” cycle the one that no longer has a live link under Cordy in the “Rough Terrain” section? I’ve been wondering why that link was there when clicking on it doesn’t yield a purchasable unicycle.

That looks like some serious hardware, and weight.

Thanks for posting the pics. I’m getting on the “Paco Regimen” now, so hopefully will be able to go the distance by October.

Yes that’s right that the Cordy is no longer available. It’s all custom, including the hub (had to be as it has a disc brake), but there were problems with the hub breaking. 15 or so were made, but I don’t know how many are still working. It was a beautiful machine, but heavy. Cliff now rides a Hunter.