Downhill Wonderland

Enjoy some exceptional views in our latest downhill video :slight_smile:

Beautiful vid ! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Beautiful video bud! I feel like I need to come up with new responses to your video posts instead of my usual “beautiful, excellent filming, great riding”, but your videos are aways exceptionally beautiful, they’re always really well filmed and they always contain great riding! So I always say the same thing =)

The cinematography is absolutely fantastic. Saalbach is truly a magnificent sight - reminds me a lot of the northern part of the state I live in. I don’t have a Vimeo account but if it was on Youtube you’d have gotten a subscription from me.

Oh, and it looks like so much fun. AHHHH. I need unicycling friends.

What type of cameras did you use to film it? Were you using a drone at any point - I thought I saw some subtle floating shots. Also, what brand of leg armor do you use?

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Well, so are yours. I guess we still have to push making downhill videos a bit because there are not that many out there :wink:

I film with a Panasonic camcorder and a GoPro 4.
I think what you have seen is my camcorder on a Steadycam because I don’t have a drone and a cable cam wasn’t used in this video either.

We both use POC Bone VPD leg armor .

I’ve never seen POC stuff before, but I’m impressed by their website. Looks like quality equipment. I’m majorly impressed by your filming, seriously.

Another great video.

Nice to have vids where there’s a good girl Muni rider. The only other really good girl I can think of who’s in a fair number of vids is Anne-Sophie Rodet who was in a lot of Van Uni’s vids and sometimes in Ryan Kremsater’s.