Downhill vs. Uphill

Well, not really vs., unless you want to vote for which you like more or something.

Going uphill, I zigzag a lot because of having to put weight into the pedals, obviously. But when I’m going downhill, even though it’s practically pedaling itself and I try to take as much weight off the pedals as I can, it still zigzags, as much if not more so as when I’m going up a steep hill.

Is this normal?

yes it is normal, I used to Wobble alot when going downhill, but since I got my break I dont wobble anymore because it’s making the breaking job for me. Dont worry about that, it’s totaly normal to wobble like that when going Downhill on steep hills.

Yeah, the wobbling is simply part of the physics of a spinning wheel with two weights hanging off it (the cranks and pedals). If you hold the uni upside down and spin the wheel, it will wobble (or want to wobble, if you’re holding it tight). A bike wheel won’t do that.

That said, I still like to look at my tracks in the dirt when I’m on a ride (on the way back in an out-and-back) and see how wiggly the track is. I try to minimize the wobble as much as possible because it makes you pedal better circles and spread the force throughout the pedal stroke.