Downhill-VIDEO by Simon Großlercher


All of this video was filmed and edited in 1 day ;D

The rider is Simon Großlercher, a friend of mine.

He is also a member of Unicycle-Tirol (our team)

Let us know what you think about riding, filming, editing, music etc.


Riding: Smooooooth! awesome style. definately now one of my favourite MUni riders.
Filming: awesome as always! amazing shots.
Edit: Simple but it suited the video
Music: Fitted well

Great video!!

Loved it! Great riding music and editing. I really like it when someone puts in extra effort to the filming and editing :smiley: Video was smooth and loved the fast style of riding.

nice riding, without break, respect!

Awesome video. I enjoyed every second of it. Everything (music, camera work, editing, riding) fit so well together that my mouth is still open :wink:

I would love to visit you guys some day (I think you live not THAT far away from me). Maybe we could make a vid together (even if I don’t think I am as good as you :wink: ).

very cool vid!

@woods: some of you guys will meet at the one and only “elsbet”!

Awesome video !!! Really enjoyed it, thanks :slight_smile:

Mighty Fine … loved the hopping over the logs.
MUni goes really good with a heavy bass line.
Also nice to see it filmed by another rider.

Great video!

Nice riding! Kinda want to get a 24" now…

Riding was awesome! liked the drop over that cut-off tree and the powerslides fluid. Good camerawork. Was that stonesour? too bad song was faded out in the end. l

Absolutely great video!

The filming and editing takes this to a higher level than most muni videos I’ve seen. It’s really nice to have a climatic lead-up to the actual riding in the intro. It gets you excited to see what’s coming.

Good music choice.

watched it more than 15 times and still love it
jutst perfect