Downhill Unicycle Race Film

Re-edited footage from the inaugural Conejo Unicycle Downhill Race from last Saturday 3-13-2010.

When and where is the next race?

Looks like a lot of fun! Keep on doing that.

Ok I found the info on the next 2 races:

Event 2 - Date to be decided
Where - Dead Cow trail, Lindero Canyon, Thousand Oaks, CA
Event 3 - Date to be decided
Where - Suicide Trail, Lindero Canyon, Thousand Oaks, CA

As you probably know from a recent video, I rode both of these, and they are very technical, steep, rocky, and very challenging. Warning: These trails are very advanced and not recommended for novice, or “weekend” MUni riders!

It’s also exceedingly HOT from this point through summer, and totally exposed to sun, so you should only ride between either dawn to no later than 10am, or wait until at least 4-5pm, or at least a very cool and overcast day, if you’re lucky to get one!

That was very awesome to watch! The So Cal massive is making me proud!

Grrr, facebook :frowning:
Any chance of posting it somewhere the rest of us can see it?

It looks like a great race. Thanks for sharing it with us. :slight_smile:


Nice film - looked like quite a “casual” race though :slight_smile:


It was fairly casual, but you are more than welcome to come visit, and show us how to do it properly !!

Here’s a re-edit of the film, with a slightly more racey soundtrack.

Hmmm… that makes it sound like I was being nasty :o That wasn’t the intention - what I meant was it just looked like people were treating it more like a fun group ride than a race (which is not a bad thing).

If I ever find myself in your area I’d love to join you. Some of the more techy Californian trails look fun as well - although I’m not very good at the hoppy droppy stuff.


Hey Rob,

Didn’t take it as nasty. It was a fairly casual affair, just trying to get like minded riders together, and add an element of competition to the whole thing.

However, there was some argy bargy towards the bottom; I was wearing the dodgy orange jersey, and the one pass where you see me hit the bushes and end up running down the trail, what you can’t see is the elbow that helped me off the trail. All in good spirits, and hopefully, revenge will be administered in the next race.

Be cool to ride together next time I’m back in the UK. My parents live down in Minehead, so not too far from your neck of the woods.


Not far at all - small world! There’s a lot of good riding in the Quantocks as well, but presumably you’d be well aware of that if you know Minehead. Perhaps we’ll run into each other sometime (I’ll watch out for the elbows).