Downhill Unicycle in South Africa

This is where we went down an official MTB downhill track called Klapperkop in Pretoria South Africa!!

Only getting into MUni this year and enjoying it “mAdly”!!!:smiley:


A few more

Here is another two clips,

This website is so cool, only found it today, I didn’t even know there is so many people in da world, never mind Unicyclist!! HAHA

This is early days trails and Muni…

This sport is Da Best…!!!

Wow - Great stuff Ruan! The muni vid was my favourite. very “clean” filming and professional editing. Would love to ride that track at some stage!

What unis are you riding? KH and Koxx?

Hey bro!!

Yes my one is the Koxx-One 26" Trackmonster and my friend, DeWet has a 24"Kh. We still waiting for our brakes, good workout on the steep downhills :astonished:

Jip the guy on Camera is a good friend, he really put his body on the line, my Uni hit him twice that day and he walked away with a bloody nose and a scar on his face!!! HAHA, What a legend!!

Well the chances are that next year the so mysterious AmaoneGathering will be in Pretoria so then we’ll crack it!!!

Later… :sunglasses:

Looking forward to it! I hope your mate will be filming the gathering:) In fact, I hope he will still actually want to film for you due to the danger involved, haha!

Great video Ruan… liked the filming and the music fit very well. Also like the UPD’s as they showed just how steep some of those sections were. Well done…

Looking forward to you guys coming down to EMEW… the weekend is going to rock !!

Dusty and rocky huh?? Looks like a fun run and steep as well.
Enjoyed the film and always the falls…

Awsome :sunglasses:
Too bad the quality sucked:o

We need more MUni vids here.

I liked it.

It makes me want to pull out my muni again.

Hey thanks, we really enjoyed it, I actually have like a dvd quality vid but don’t know how to export a good quality vid from my editing program (Adobe Premier pro) that isn’t like 1gig big, do you know how to do it??? And youtube does degrade the quality so what do you propose I do???

The dvd is MUCH better!!!

Yip thanks Ruan for the great vid. I must say that was the best ride so far, i realy enjoyed it, and i must say so my self but the falls are sometimes better to watch that the actual riding. even if it is you yourself falling :D:D

That was an impressive run! My hubby & I are riding muni & loving it. I have been dreaming of riding uni in Africa alot lately:D peace-jessie

Yeah I actually travelled to Mozambique two weeks ago and did some riding in the rural areas, the response was insane!! We did some MUni down as the locals call it “Mount NjaraNjara”

You should put your words into deeds and come!! Then we can make a few more cool African Vid’s!!!