Downhill Tires?

Has Anyone tried a 24" IRC Kujo DH?

An Intense 24" DH?

Anyother tires that are similar, but NOT a Nokian, that were any good? Just wondering if there was a better (or different) tire out there. This idea sparked becuase I noticed I could see the little white threads holding the side knobs onto my Gazzaloddi, and I decided that’s not really what I want.


Re: Downhill Tires?

I had a problem with this at first, too: while spinning down a hill I’d get distracted by the the pritty white threads, pass into a hypnotic stooper, and wake an hour later upside down in the bushes.

I tried to remedy this with a Sharpie Marker, but the ink wore off soon enough, and I ended up worse off: at the top of a 12 foot drop, while starting the clearing hop, noticed a faint white filliment shining out from under rubber and mud. Needless to say, the drop stuck me, rather than the other way around.

Since then, I’v been using glacier glasses with a welders mask and taped on blinders. Once I find the cycle, I don’t have any problem with noticing things like the wheel, or drops, cars, ex-wives, rabid dogs…


Ok, so you saw it and dont mind right? It just seems to me that if I’m gonna buy a $55 tire, it shouldn’t have white threading visible from the outside.

Yeah I’m at about 50% on my 12 foot drops right now. Maybe because that’s because I don’t have the white threads hypnotizing me. I tried glacier glasses but the world was still too bright; now I just wear my helmet on the front of my head and that fixed things right up.

The Nokian Gazzaloddi’s can begin to show their casing threads around the side lugs after a lot of hard use. I haven’t seen this to be a problem when the tire is used on a muni, but I have seen Gazz tires suffer premature destruction when used on downhill bikes. The downhill bikes are brutal on the Gazz tires. The threads start to show around the side lugs and the side lugs start to peel off. But that is on DH bikes where they brake real hard on nasty steep slabs of raw mountain granite. We can’t put the same level of abuse on the Gazz as the DH bike folks. Relax. I can’t see a unicycle ripping off a side lug before the rest of the tire has worn down so much that the tire needs to be replaced anyways. The first unicyclist to rip a lug off the Gazz should get a prize.

The Intense 24" tires have really big lugs. They are also heavy tires. I looked at the Intense tires and the tread design didn’t look like it would be good for muni. The tread design and large lugs might be good for high speed downhill runs on a bike, but doesn’t look good for slow speed muni.

I have a 3" Kujo tire. I picked it up when we had that scare about Nokian discontinuing the 24" Gazz. I have not yet tried it out yet. It has foam around the bead to help prevent pinch flats. It has a recommended pressure of 30-50 psi. I has thinner sidewalls than the Gazz. I don’t know how well it will work for muni because it is probably going to need more pressure in the tire.

I got the Kujo thinking that it might be a good urban or slickrock tire because it has a rounder profile than the Gazz and the Kujo’s have a reputation for being good for urban use on bikes. I was thinking the rounder profile might make it more maneuverable on pavement and slickrock. It is also a little lighter than the Gazz.

I think I’ll put the Kujo on Steve’s prototype muni and give it a spin. I don’t have high hopes that it will be better for muni than the Gazz.

Here is a previous thread started by Steve Howard about the Kujo.


You should be thankfull that its only 55$!!!

You should be very thank full that were you buy a 3" Gazz. that its only 55$ id be so very happy if it were th same price here!!! Ill tell you how much it costs here, i went and checked it out yesterday, and last summer down south., ready for this?..110$ at a local bike shop, and down south 115$ i think… So I really really dont think that you should be bitchn and complainin about it only being $55.

But anyways if you dont want a 3" tire, you could get a 2.6 " Kenda Kolassal, or i also saw a 2.7" yesterday, but it didnt relaly have a good tread pattern…no wait. it did, it looked ok, but i forget what kinda tire it was so its not gona help you much.

All i got to say for now