[Downhill] The autum leaves!

2 days, 2 riders, 2 mountains.

We hope you like it :slight_smile:

Cool I like it!
The following parts would be awesome if they were a bit steadier, but it still looked good, it fitted the music well on that parts.
Editing was a bit sketchy tho.

haha! really enjoyed that actually, loved the editing at the beginning! makes me want to go ride muni :slight_smile:

Sweet! :sunglasses:

Awesome! Good riding. PENDULUMMMMMMMMM! Cool to hear it in a uni vid!

awesome song! :slight_smile: swear i’ve heard it in a uni vid before though…oh wait that was mine.

I’m so jealous of your unicycles! i really want to get a 24" or 26" and try some Muni and downhill stuff, looks like so much fun :slight_smile:

nice work the both of you :slight_smile: