Downhill: My Muni Land

Yoo folks,

here’s my actual videoproject. Filmed in my Springbreak with the intension to show to the world how amazing the Life in the Swiss Alps is.

Thx to evereybody who was involved.

Hope you enjoy, would be cool to get some Feedback

Greetz Gregor

Very fun video, nice to see all the great riding in the Alps.

It makes me want to go there and ride :slight_smile:

Nice video Gregor. I hope to ride some Alps one day :slight_smile:

Great video,I really liked the bit where you rode down the creek.

Hi Greg, the vid turned out amazing!
Ride on!

Awesome! Im loving the amount of muni vids being posted at the moment. Makes me want to go out and film one :slight_smile:

Nice video man! :slight_smile: Loving the music too.

Great video - well done, and super riding!

Greeeeeeeeeeegoooooooooooooor! Nice work on the video mate- you almost look like a James Bond Villain with opening shots with the cat and the fireplace:D. Keep up the riding- How is the knee holding up after Grischa?

All the best,

Great! Love to see you alp riders go :slight_smile:

so many clicks, and just a few comments.

Thanks to all for the positive Feedback.

As you all say, you like the filming in the Alps.
I would really like to do a BIGGER Project like that. Some kind of “Journey” Style(Raphi is pushing our Sport so good via filming(others also)). Allover the hole alps and other Spots.

I don’t have that much time to do it.

But i know some riders that carried their goPro’s through the Alps, between the time of UNICON and GMC. And also while the two happenings. Maybe there is something in the pipeline :wink:

Yooooooooooooooo Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark,

my knee is doin better, thx for inquire. I did a little riding break after GMC.
Three days ago i went on a “easy” round with Martina, 10k on asphalt and gravel road. It was not so bad.
So yesterday i went out to research some new Trails for the “End” of the Season. DOOOOWNHIILL and UUUPHIILL also,…

greetz Gregor