Downhill MUni clip

Got to the trail at 6:30am this morning, and thought I would try to find a mtber who would let me attach my camcorder to his bike for some downhill footage. I only had my mini digital still cam today, so I used the video mode.

Not the greatest quality, but the best choice since it’s small & light for attaching to a bike! A bit shaky at times, but that’s thanks to the terrain lol! Overall I think it came out pretty good; it was really a challenge-and fun!- trying to keep up with the MTBer! Let me know what you think.:slight_smile:

that guy could’ve stormed down the mountain at tops speeds and ran off with your camera. just kidding. That was an insanely good idea. Hey, and what about your last:p video

Haha actually I see those mtbers there a lot. It’s Father & son and they are really cool. My last video? The 36er one?

That was nice, although he rode a bit too fast.
I loved those bikers’ comments and attitude :slight_smile:

Good job, Terry!

great idea/cool angle.

Now if there was only some kind of “spring mount” that would absorb the shakes :roll_eyes:

Haha and if only the guy who ran in front of me filming in my “Iron Mountain” vid could have run faster, so I didn’t have to go as slow! He was able to keep his arm pretty level/steady as he held the camera while running; much more so than the bike frame mount, where every little bump shows in the video. :slight_smile:

I’m working on a “telescoping boom arm” idea that can be used to hold the camera as much as 20’ away from the filmer, allowing it to follow and track the rider smoothly and from any angle, including overhead, which might look cool! But not being able to see through the viewfinder from that distance, to keep the subject in frame, might make it difficult.

a mate of mine does heaps of filming of me on his bike. the best shots so far have been him chasing me down on his bike while im on my uni. he never has trouble keeping up.

also try mounting it to their helmet its way more stable than to the frame, even better when their on a dual suspension bike and full face helmets work better too cause they move around less on their head with the weight of the camera than the standard bike helmet

I went riding yesterday and was filming myself as I rode. I had my camera mounted on my tripod with the legs extended but together. I held the tripod by the legs and had the camera pointed at me. I didn’t think it would come out very well, but the results were impressive. I got some really cool footage Dylan Wallinger style, which I am making a vid out of.

That’s EXACTLY how I did my other POV videos, including some of the really old ones where I did rides insides stores!:smiley: Beat ya to it though lol!