Downhill Mass start Unicycling Race Series

Downhill Unicycle Mass Start Race Series
No entry fee
Event 1 - Saturday March 13th
Where - Los Robles Trail, Thousand Oaks, CA
Event 2 - Date to be decided
Where - Dead Cow trail, Lindero Canyon, Thousand Oaks, CA
Event 3 - Date to be decided
Where - Suicide Trail, Lindero Canyon, Thousand Oaks, CA
Event Final - May 2nd
Where - Idyllwild Spring Challenge Super D race, Idyllwild, CA
This is a national sanctioned event, and does carry a $25 entry fee
5.25 mile course, nearly 1400 feet of descent
Course record around 40 minutes
See for more details.
Meeting at Moorpark trailhead, at the end of Moorpark road, 9.00am
As a group, we will make our way up to the first summit on Los Robles trail.
Le Mans style start, a short run to the Unicycles, mount and go.
Trail length is around 2 miles, semi technical, cross country trail.
Drops around 700 feet.
Mild contact is acceptable during overtaking
Please try not to punch while passing other riders
Please respect all other trail users. I very much doubt that the 5 miles an hour speeds we reach on one wheel will create havoc on these public trails, but you never know.

Check out our facebook page for further updates

Are there going to be anymore races in the future?