Downhill in Bischofsmais

Rocco and Johann3s visit the Bikepark Bischofsmais (Germany) to see how strong their bones and unis are :smiley:
Take a look at that awesome MUni video.

watch: Holla die Wildsau - Downhill in Bischofsmais
download: 711.holladiewildsau-downhillinbischofsmais.wmv

Very cool video! I’ll be in Mammoth tomorrow & Wednesday for similar ski-lift MUni as well, and hope to get good footage. I’ll be doing DH runs on both my KH MUni and my 36er in MUni-mode! That should prove interesting, lol!:smiley:

freakin awesome vid! one of my favorites. i never thought i’d hear ektomorf in a uni vid. lol. i wish i had trails like that. intense all the way! awesome!

First class as always

I can’t wait to see your cuts from Mammoth Terry… Be safe, your not as young as these kids. :wink:

Yeah true, but my brain doesn’t realize it!:o I’ll be totally solo too, with the likely exception of plenty of mtbers.:smiley:

Ghaaaa! That was breathtaking and totally awesome. I don’t use that word unless I mean it.
Really, really tremendous vid you guys.
Can’t wait to see Terry’s movie. Go Man!!!

:smiley: :astonished: :smiley: :astonished:
Even better than your last one!

How many runs did you do?

How often do you guys ride there?

A bit of a comercial at the end eh? :roll_eyes:

That was awesome !!! Really loved that video, well done. I want to see more :slight_smile:

Awesome vid! those bails in the start don’t look so good :astonished:

Wow, great job! loved it

hey guys- loved the agressive muni action! -especially how you cleared the section as fast as the guy on 2 wheels with suspension front and back. Keep it up and post us another video soon,

Nice riding, loved the bails!

Thanks for the positive feedback. Nice to hear that you like it.

We had 2 runs on the downhill track, one to get to know the track and one for filming the interesting parts of it. The northshore was a seperate track, we only had one run on that one.
For me it was the first (and probably not the last) time in that bikepark as it is not very close to where I live. Johann3s has been there before.
Commercial? Just a normal dialogue :wink:

Great riding!

Awesome. This is one of the only muni vids I’ve ever seen that wasn’t boring, I even wanted to watch it again! This is how muni should be. Great job.

How “close”?

Downhill in Wildbad
Had you been there several times before you guys filmed it?

It takes about 4 hours by car to get to Bischofsmais from Stuttgart and to Wildbad its about one hour.
We use to ride in Wildbad a few times each year.

Epic vid!
Were those unis 24s?

Yes. Rocco on a Qu-Ax, and Johannes on a KH.