Downhill in Bad Wildbad

went to Bikepark Bad Wildbad on Friday to test my new camera. Hope you like the result:

UTV: (recommended for full quali)




Nice riding rocco! Also editing and camera stuff etc., so the result is good. And what’s the name of the camera?
Hope you’re coming to Suc-k…:wink:

Thank you Rocco…

This video is what muni is all about…

Good job, Rocco. When I was there last year I sort of chickened out on many difficult sections:o. But you really nailed it. Nice filming and I appreciate the high resolution. I’ll have to go there again and try some of the more challenging bits.

Thanks for your comments so far.

@MoOoG: Its a Panasonic HDC SD66, was worth its money
@munirocks: Let me know when you go there next time. Its only a bit more than one hour away from where I live.

I’ll let you know. It’s about 20 minutes from my parents’ place in Kapfenhardt.
It will be a while until I’ll get back there, though. I’m about 500km north now…

Nice MUni… this is definitely what I pictured MUni to be like back when I got on my first uni in November :slight_smile:
An inspiration to continue to learn rolling hops… seems like every MUni vid that gets posted reinforces the need :astonished:

Great video, and great riding! That looks like a really fun trail :smiley:

Nice one rocco- looks like a good trail, the filming and editing was nice too. Makes me want to go ride but i tore all my ankle ligaments yesterday at the Australian Mountain unicycling weekend. Have it on film though so hopefully we can put it in a vid to add to the muni videos that have been popping up in these forums recently. Cheers,

Awesome vid mate. You need get someone to film you and then it’d be super awesome. Nice music too. And it was way better than Justin Kohse’s vid lol.

I agree. There was nothing realy new in this video but I liked it much more.
Its nice to see how fast Rocco rides on this technical terrain.

Great video Rocco. Could have been 20 minutes longer :slight_smile: I would have watched every single minute. Love your smooth fast riding style. The terrain looked really gnarly, and would love to ride there or have something similar to ride. Nice one, really enjoyed that :smiley: