Downhill impossible wheel gliding?

Re: Downhill impossible wheel gliding?

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>> I didn’t know that the pegs on the wheel rotate, it should have been
>> obvious though.
> Well, they’ll rotate until you put your feet on them. There’s no frame
>to stop them. I think I’ll put some sort of grippy tape around them.

When the wheel rotates, the pegs always rotate!

If you put your feet on them, they rotate in relation to the wheel. If
you don’t have your feet on them, they rotate in relation to the
Earth. Einstein knew this already.

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Let’s not forget I’m using an old front bike wheel. Now that would be a challenge if they were spinning the whole time! You’d have to keep stepping backwards as you moved forwards.


It makes it somewhat easier. The 2" on mine is not a huge difference, but I think if you hung the pegs down lower you’d see a bigger difference.

But it’s the nature of the wheel wanting to shoot out from underneath you, and no direct leverage against it that makes the B.C. hard regardless.

B.C. is an American comic strip by Johnny Hart. It appears Sunday and daily in the comics section in most of America’s newspapers, starting I think in the early 1970s.

One of the characters, Thor, supposedly invented the wheel. He stuck a large diameter stick through the center of a solid stone wheel, and stood on the axle to ride it all over the place.

wow John, thatis quite a way of naming something, thanks for that info.