[Downhill] Holla die Waldfee - Bikepark Bad Wildbad


Johannes and me went to the bikepark Bad Wildbad in Southern Germany a few days ago. Here’s the video:

utv download

Enjoy it

Johannes and Rocco

That was some incredible riding. Loved the parts where you bested the mountain bikers!

really nice. that was one of the better muni vids i’ve seen!:slight_smile:

That was an awesome video !!! Really inspires me to get a lot better, and hit those downhills… one day :slight_smile:

Mmm! Tasty!

This one is getting saved to my comp for a while.

Really good!! :sunglasses:
I’m saving this as well.

Did Andy ever try unicycling before the vid? If not, he’s picking it up fast.

Rocco, how long have you been riding?

Great video. I love The Hives. One of my favourite bands. I want a MUni.

Munis are sick and that video was awesome really enjoyed it except it took ages to load but well worth the wait

great quality

Thanks for all your comments. Glad you liked the vid

yes he tried before. he learned to uniycle when i also started but changed to biking after a short time ( andy is my brother)

looks like a great trail. drops like that are fun. But I suspect its the little rocks that are challenging… you did a great job riding over all the rubble at a fast pace.
nice quality filming… looks like you have a real video camera. sharp, bright, and good zoom.