Downhill || Follow the moment

Hi everybody i made a new muni video during my mountain holidays… Not my best riding, but there were no other places do ride …So enjoy the view over the mountains of southtyrol

Please watch in HD, the normal 360p looks terrible…:wink:

Fabian :wink:

your riding has improved so much since your first video i saw

Nice dood, that is some amazing scenery! Cheers for making a video, love the shot at 0:34 such nice colours and looks so awesome with you doing muni!

Thx…I know, the first muni video was…:kotz:
But tge problem with muni videos are that they are very haed to film, in the video everythong looks easier and less stepp…:frowning:

Really nicely shot! How did you get the panning and tracking shots so smooth?

I have a steadycam and stabilize the shoots in After Effects a litte bit…:wink:

Beautiful landscape and great filming!

I know what you mean with the “less steep” problem, but as long as the scenery and riding make up for it I don’t care :wink:

Easily the most beautiful unicycle vid I’ve seen, nice work :slight_smile:

Amazing views. Some scenes are just WOW!
And some pretty good riding as well. I wouldn’t say it looks easy and flat :wink:

I really enjoyed your video. It does a great job of capturing the grandeur of the mountains. Love the shots with the hikers staring at you. :slight_smile:

Awesome vid, gorgeous scenery. I liked the inspirational music. :stuck_out_tongue: