Downhill Domination-Playstation 2


My little brother was playing a mountain bike video game this morning and i guess theres these bonus video clips you can watch and it has a few shots of Kris Holm in it from New world disorder. Unicycling has made its way into the video gamingworld people!


sweet! We should tell them to make a unicycle game. One that would have trials & street & Muni. It could be fun!

I’m sure if someone ripped the game onto their computer, and spent an hour or so you could make a skin for the game that rides/looks like muni rider.

not me (filling)

well there was an old snes game called uniracers, other than the fact that it has unicycles in it tho, its nothing like actual unicycling, still fun though

Yeah my friend got that game on his PSP its pretty tight.

Hmmm am gonna make uni game :sunglasses:
(wont be much :roll_eyes: )

uniracers rocks my socks! that game is the best.

I love uniracers. Heres a little secret, that game is why i wanted to ride a unicycle in the first place

o wow thats awesome. i have downhill domination but not p2. thats cool that unicycling can get more attention.

Yes, thats a great idea.
Like THPS:
Kris Holm Pro Unicycler :slight_smile:

Great idea (filling)

According to the september Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, the Xbox shooter game Serious Sam II has a “wide assortment of bad guys, ranging from 7 foot tall lizard men to grenade throwing clowns on unicycles”.