down the block on her first try.

Me and my 15 year old sister were walking the dog down the street when she abruptly pushes me off my unicycle, freemounts it and rides for over a block over 2-3 speed bumps. Having never ridden a unicycle before she rides it back and gives it to me and says calmly “I guess I’m a natural…”

I stood there at the same place with my mouth open watching her walk with the dog back home. When we had gotten home and I gained my witts I had told her how amazing this was and that I had never even heard of anyone being able to do this before she tries again and in less than an hour can hop 4-5 times.

Holy cow! That’s amazing! She’s probably been practicing when you’re not home or something :roll_eyes: .

had to!!!
or at a friend’s house or something, that is hillarious, totally something a sister would do too!

+1 :astonished:

She’s messing with you… but either way, it’s pretty cool.
She’ll steal your uni if you don’t watch out.

maybe she ride when you are sleeping

Yea it sounds like she was practicing when u weren’t looking :roll_eyes:
Still pretty cool though:D

is she hot?

~~ somebody had to ask that ~~

The above question was purely obligatory…

but either way, good times. I did that to a friend when I was learning behind his back too. It gets most people pretty confused.

Yeah, she’s probably a nocturnal rider/learner. Normal person by day, unicycle freak by night. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Maybe, she sleep unicycles?

thats awesome, i reconshe proabbly cheated too, but that is cool…

give us a pic :stuck_out_tongue:

Sisters are cool.
I always wanted a little sister to her teach tricks and good behaviour.

I see you have one that can teach you some. Gnarly!

Sounds like something MY 15 year old sister would do…

Impossible no one can freemount a unicycle and ride over speedbumps immediatly if that was the case a LOT more people would be unicycling.

She cheated! :smiley:

soo is she coming on our next ride

No way. She’s gotta be pulling your leg…And is she hot? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I still haven’t quite convinced her that unicycling is really fun but I’m hoping that as she gets better, she’ll like it more. But it’ll be a while before she comes on a muni ride with us.