Down, Not Out. - Justin Kohse

Hey Guys,

So it’s pretty clear that i haven’t posted here in a long time and i do apologize for that. I’m all grown up now and have responsibilities and it sucks, but hey, i wouldn’t have what i have now if it wasn’t for my unicycle. Making those little videos as a teenager with my friends and chatting with you fine unicyclist people here really pushed me to keep looking into video work. I decided to go to school and now im doing what i love for a living and its all thanks to this sport that just KEEPS growing. I’m amazed at what its become, people are doing things on unicycles that i use to imagine doing.

Special shout out to the Voodoo gang for getting me stoked on unicycling again, without those boys i’d probably be…really fat and bored.

I’ve been riding for 12 years now and in no way is that depressing. It’s good to be back riding again :slight_smile:


P.S Salty language in the song

( i tried embedding it…i don’t know )

Nice to see you back on the 24", eh? Beauty of a vid, good stuff!


Man, that was awesome. Now you can go for a new downhill vid :smiley:

That was sick Justin!
I really liked the two lines at 2:24. And ofc the 5flat4 stair was huge! Wish I had such a big stair where I live.
Also the filming and editing was amazing! Love the colorgrading you’ve done on this video! Looks so good!
What camera are you using?

Looking so much forward to see something more from you!

EDIT: If you wonna embed the video you’ll need the long link. :slight_smile:

<3 the 24!

Great riding & film work as usual Justin. Thanks for keeping us entertained.
& congrats on finishing your film program.

I didn’t want that to end! Awesome job! Aren’t some of the places in this video places in the Joe Hodges videos?

awesome to see a new vid of you!!
I enjoyed it a lot :slight_smile:
make some more

Nice vid :D. Cool bail haha.

thanks for the love guys.

Its nice to be back riding again.

There were a few different cameras used in the making of this over the year(s) , but the majority of it was shot on my Canon HFS100. Decent little full HD cam for under $500

not sure if they make my model anymore, but i know you can get newer versions of it. Im saving up for a HD DSLR, so after boxing day expect some pretty vids.

hey justin :slight_smile:
nice riding. really like it.
you also have the same unicycle tshirt as me :slight_smile: the black one up to the end :wink:


haha, yeah. i found that shirt when i use to work at a skateshop. blew my mind!

Good to see a video post again. We need to see more from you Vancouver riders. If you got together with Kevin and Ryan, you guys could put together a sick vid.

that is… an excellent idea! i’ll have to see what their up to.

Wow. Some of the smoothest riding I have ever seen… Also, street on a 24" is unusual but awesome!

Loved it! I really hope to see more videos from you :slight_smile:

That’s an amazing idea :). I would love to see a video like that! :smiley:

Do it!!!

Nice video. I enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Well done! Riding, filming and liked the moaning at the end))))) Your a good rider.