Down Hill bike race (Maine)

I am going to try to enter this bike race at a ski mountain near me. Do you think they will let unicyclist in the race? I was wondering if anyone else wanted to come, then there would be a better chance of them making a unicyclist category.

Their website:
The info: (Feb 5th)

To get there:

I race downhill MTB and those corses are really really rough. You’ll probably definetly need a brake. I doubt thAT THEY WOULD HAVE A WHOLE UNI CATEGORY, (i hate that stupid caps lock) but you could just compare times with each other.

races are really fun, and dont get all upset if some guys say uni’ing is dumb. It might be a relly good idea to rent some body armor like chest and elbow pads!

They might be reluctant to have a unicycle enter because you will be so much slower than all the bikes. This may cause time problems in that they cannot space you evenly among the bikers. You would have to go last or something. Anything else and it might not be safe to have you out there with the bikex zooming past.

I have not raced DH so I may be wrong though.

they might let you ride during practice. Then you could have a friend at the top w/ a radio. when you statred, he would radio it down to a friend at the bottom and he could time you with a stopwatch.

My family is gonna enter the “Frozen spoke DH Bike race”. We’re lucky though, we live in a small town, so it won’t be all too official.

How do you think I should go about signing up, what to I tell them, what if they say I cant ride?

I do have a brake and protective pads.

The reason I posted the event was in hopes of getting at least 4 people (the amount for 1 heat) to come. Any takers?

Re: Down Hill bike race (Maine)

A downhill bike race doesn’t sound like a good environment for a
unicycle. Uphill race could be fun though.

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I think Des from Wales entered some downhill races. By all accounts he’s incredibly fast though. I guess he was last in the category each run.

For a 4-up race obviously you’d need 4 people.

Also it kind of depends on the jumps. If they’re not rollable there’s no way they’ll let you do it. I’ve seen a picture of a race course that had a road gap in it, where you’d need to hit it really fast on a bike to get to the transition.


If you survive the downhill, here’s another event you might be interested in :slight_smile:

I agree with John that the biggest concern will be bikes moving much faster than you. Make sure you don’t get creamed by a bike after you UPD :slight_smile:

If I did this I would not only make sure my brake is working well but I’d be pretty interested in getting a serious studded tire.

Probably the easiest way to convince the sponsors would be to talk to them and explain to them why this is a piece of cake. If that doesn’t work, offer to demonstrate Muni for them in person.

Do you ride in Scarboro? I’m up there every August?


I looked into that, but it seems like a lot of money to pay just to exhaust yourself. I have been to the Mt. and have heard of some people try it on a uni.

I don’t think I would need a studded tire on packed snow?

I live in Scarborough so naturally i ride quite often there. There are some great trails in Portland and Biddeford also.

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hey man,
I am good friends with the guy who hosts the race. He said that if you race you will get 1/2 off the registration price. He also wants you to e-mail him. To get his e-mail, go to and look for the e-mail adress in the contact information.


Any other people interested? Unicycles are defiantly going to be aloud. It would really be awesome if we could get a whole heat of unicyclist. Is sounds like Jon is going to let me bring some extra unicycles for anyone interested to try. Haven’t you always wanted to ride down the ski runs on you Muni?!