Down but not out...

I had a UPD a week ago in the apartment, tried to catch myself, and ended up pulling some muscles in my back and shoulder (the armrest of the couch stopped my fall). Finally after a week of doing routine stuff and still pulling muscles, I’m headed to the doctor’s in the morning.

What stinks about this is I can’t get up on the uni without pain, seems if I twist or turn, I’m aggravating the same muscles I pulled with the UPD.

So I’m going to be off the uni for a little bit, hopefully this can heal up and I’ll be back on the uni once more.

Sorry to hear about the injury, Matt. Hopefully you’ll be back on the wheel soon.

Damn that sucks. I hate seeing reports of injury, especially of people around my age.

I hope all you need is some rest and simple exercises you can do at home to get back on your feet… err uni.

aren’t you ready to take that thing outside yet? :smiley:

Sorry to hear…

Get well soon. I hope you don’t let this stop you from picking up where you left off.

Hind sight is always 20/20 but my worst UPD involved falling backwards near obstacles. I hit my head and was very lucky I didn’t hit it hard enough to cause injury. I now stay way clear of obstacles when trying new skills.

2 MAss riders, still need to connect

2 MAss riders who we still haven’t hooked up with! David and Matt we need to get a ride together for the MA contingent. I’m planning another Uni trials and MUni event October 31st in Lynnfield, MA. Some format as the one in June. A 1 Day event with a 20" trials contest, and a MUni ride for anyone interested. We had 8 for the June event, and a bunch more who missed.

Hope the back heals up soon , so you can make it! PM me if you want more details on the event or a ride.


Thanks for the get well replies. Diagnosis, doc says to avoid twisting, heavy lifting, plenty of rest, a heating pad and ice packs per routine, and stay off the unicycle until the un-medicated pain is gone for more than 2 days. If I can go unmedicated pain free for 2 days or more, he feels that the muscles will be good enough to let me start doing what I was doing before, minus the spills.

I was almost ready to try outside, but this may set me back a few days in the learning curve. Been practicing with the archway between the living room and dining room/kitchen in my apartment before the UPD, and when I went down there was something on the floor that I missed, I stepped on that and it sent me flying backwards, so I grabbed for the side of the archway and pulled a lot of muscle.

Jeff, I’d love to join you up in Lynnfield, but I got a schedule change, still working 3PM-11:30PM, but the days off are going to change to Sunday and Monday instead of just Sunday only. (This also comes with a loss of any overtime available until further notice)
Thing that don’t like is I’m unable to ride until I heal up, and probably going to spend my vacation time this month resting.

I did like one guy at work pointed out, he says “You to be in a J.O.B.? know what that means?” I stupidly said no, and he replied…“Just Over Broke” :slight_smile:

Taking another dose of meds, chat with you guys when I’m more alert (very sleepy and incoherent side affects)

Update… Not Good At All

Yup, tried to get on the uni after being off for over a month due to the back pain issue. Then I felt the worse thing possible after getting up in the saddle. The muscle in the right calf of my leg went into a painful cramp, I ended up back on the ground on my side, and after several minutes of excrutiating pain, I was able to get off the floor and with help get onto the couch. That was at 1 PM today, and now at 10 PM I am still limping around, but the leg is back working, just not as good as I would like it.

This is really getting fustrating for me, finally got to get back on the uni, only to get knocked back down again with something else.

And the doctor can’t see me until later next week at the earliest.

Now I’m really bummed out.

Hang in there.

I’m lucky I never get cramps. I can’t imagine experiencing what you’ve been through.

The bright side is your original injury wasn’t aggravated. A calf-muscle cramp will most likely heal much quicker than your back. Stay optimistic about this injury - you’ll be back riding in no time.