Down and Dirty in Memphis

Yesterday several of the Memphis Unicycle Club members participated in the Down – n- Dirty Mountain Bike / MUni race. There were 5 of us that came out on the blustery, cool morning and we all had a great time. We would have had more participating but this race had been postponed due to extensively wet trail conditions that were detrimental to the trail. We all won some cool swag as door prizes and the finishing prizes in our open uni class were 1st $50, 2nd $40, 3rd $30.

Most importantly, we all had a great time. We are really lucky here in Memphis because the race promoters have all become eager to get us to race. They seem to turn a blind eye to parts of the NORBA rulebook (brakes, number on the handlebar, etc.). Slowly these race promoters are realizing that MUni is infinitely safer that mountain biking and we are adding some fun and frivolity to the day for everybody.

If you are having trouble being allowed into MUni races let me know and I can hook your race promoter with several in this area that are eager for the MUnists to participate.

Even if you are not very competitive I encourage all to go out and at least just ride the course with a number and be a part of the party. Also, almost all of our off-road races here are to raise money for non-profit organizations or events. By participating your are doing at least three good things at once.
A) Promoting unicycling
B) Supporting a charity
C) Doing something good for yourself
D) Having fun!

Get down and dirty where ever you live!


It’s nice to see that if done appropriatley, that MUn can mix well with NORBA events. Well done, and congrats on giving unicylcing a positive image. Your four reasons are correct, although FUN might be first in my list. Good job Tommy!

Thanks, Mike.

When I saw that you had responded I was suddenly drawn to a memory of being absolutely destroyed and in an AspenMike induced oxygen debt while at the NAUCC MUni championship.

My step-son, Daniel, is due to come to ride/ski with you about the 6th of December. Look for him.


Re: Down and Dirty in Memphis

who put up the money for the prizes?

Re: Re: Down and Dirty in Memphis

A fine Local Bike Shop.

This event was a fundraiser for Shelby Farms, our 4400 acre park which was hit hard by budget cuts this year. Shelby Farms is the largest park in the USA completely surrounded by the city. (Central Park in NYC is a mere 880 acres). We have sailing and fishing lakes, meeting facilities, 8 miles of paved paths for walking, riding, skating, etc. Plus many many miles of trails for hiking along the Wolf river or MUni (and Mtn Bkg) and hiking. There are several races each year that utilize the Tour d’Wolf (MB) course. Lots of crosscountry and some tech spots. This course is Cokerable, and we’ve found a 29er with 150s to be ideal.

(student of Tommy)
(2 of the uniers named Tom/Tommy/Tomas/Thomas)

Re: Re: Re: Down and Dirty in Memphis

I was going to call you on this, but on further research I see that the main part of Fairmount park in Philadelphia is only a measely 4,180 acres. Darn. I’m not counting the Fairmount Park system, which is several parks making up 9,200 acres. Oh well…carry on.

Have Daniel bring some snow with him, as the ski season is getting a slow start so far. No big concern, as this is the norm for Colorado. The storm track has been south, so the Southern Rockies are doing better. I look forward to showing him the “goods”.