Douthat East Coast Munifest

Six riders from the mid-atlantic area and one rider all the way from Utah got together in late June at Douthat State Park in south western Virginia for some really fun muni riding :slight_smile:

This video is from the day after the ferocious derecho storm devastated the park and trails :frowning:

Decent vid for chronicling the event, but bad for entertainment:(

Music would have been an easy improvement. Could have been a really good vid if there was better editing and camera angles and all fit together well:o

IMBA named Douthat an Epic trail

We need to schedule another munifest there this Spring.

Is it just me or did I see a oracle 29 in that video?


Count me in!!

Iโ€™ll do a much better job of chronicling the event on video next time, with music. My intent of the original post was just to provide it to the riders who where there :o Next time will be suitable for public viewing :smiley:

Iโ€™ll bring my 24, 29, and 36.

Okay, so Spring, how about April?

Anyone opposed to having a semi official big wheel ride on one of the days?

Iโ€™m gonna start a thread with a pol to help with picking the most popular dateโ€ฆ