hey everyone. I got a new camera for my b-day.
I also got doubleflips today.
Twas a good day.

after 10 months

THee most jelous guy in the world, When i get my other uni’s seatpost welded, Then i will be practicin those doubleflips, been doing real fast crankflips on my Dx, cant wait, my crankflips are getting faster, i wonder how fast ill be able to spin them, hope i can get my seatpost welded this weekend. Sooo jelous, sweet vid, so wht you gunna work on next, I almost have donkey kicks, can hit the pedals sometimes, havnt been working on them much, tomarrow it is all crankflips, welding lol, and donkey kicks, once agian sweet vid.

Woah nice im jealous

Nice, good job. Congrats:)

thanks everyone! I’m so happy I got it out in time because I’m leaving for Costa Rica today:D BUt ya Thanks Spence for the tips.


wow uve learned doubles really quick:p

on vacation right? So wht are you gunna work on next? backhickflip

Nice one with the doubles!

I’m trying to land doubles at the moment, any tips would be good… at the moment I have a problem a lot like when I was learning crankflips where the uni jumps out in front of me too much, I can land zero triples consistantly

nice work man ;D

I find it way easier to pull up really hard on the seat as you flip. That is the main difference between doubles singles for me. When you pull up on the seat as you push down with your foot you can get it flipping around really fast because you are pulling the uni in opposite directions. Obviously try to get your back foot off as soon as possible. Shaun said in his tutorial to ride faster if you arent getting the full flip so that might help you, I used to almost come to a stop before I did doubles to get more downward force into the flip.

Congrats. Now take em off some sets :slight_smile:

Yeah pretty much stop and then flip, and lean over the uni…that worked for me…