Doubleflip Tutorial


Doubleflip Tutorial.


-Shaun Johanneson

nice man… shaun, have I told you lately that i love you? hahahaha



nice. I still need to learn crankflips though:)

I found this site that lets you download youtube and google videos to your hard drive.

i still need to master the sigle crank flip!

same here.

I have a greasemonkey script for dling youtube vids in firefox, its sweet as

That is really cool. I personally think the normal flip tutorial will help people more than the double one though. It is kind of just telling to do the same techniques but with more force.

I want to see some more of them;)

i still need a crank flip but keep making these

(nice tutorial)


I win. (Gotcha Shaun)


Probably lose here pretty soon.

Um, I don’t get it.

Before this post like half of the replies so far have been “I still can’t crankflip” :roll_eyes:

There is 2…


i can crank flip just not pro at it. and abbabibble said same, that leaves 2

Wicked I just linked to that on - cheers Shaun.

excellent tutorial shaun but like a few I too need to learn the crankflip first. Actually I can;t even get a zero plant yet.

Nice one Shaun!

I learned the zero plants from the first one, and have gotten those constant on ledges now, and doubles, and plan to have flips done by the end of this week, then to doubles!

as like a lot of people i still need to learn crankflips first! i got the zero plant downpack (sort of).

I would like to see this, if anyone has it saved on their computer

If you can crankflip its pretty much the same. just kick harder :smiley: