Doubleflip Competition

Hey because I and much other from you don`t can do a doubleflip I think we
make a Doubleflip Competition. The Competition starts when we have more than 3 people.

Here are the Rules:
The doubleflip must be landed on a 19 inch trial uni
You cannot landed this trick before
It must landed on a Flatground

we only need a Signatur trophy can somebody creating one?
So let us beginning

Sorry if my english is Bad


I can almost do it down two pallets. Then I’ll take one off. And another

I’m in.

I have made a sig. tropy


i have come very close on flat. I am in.

ok we are 3 ( hope there came more) who can make a sign trophy

I’m in, I can get pretty close on flat pavement, I wish I had a CF base cause I pretty much got 2 feet on one on my friend’s uni with a CF base…anyway here are some sig trophies.













I’m guessing 2 handed ones count?

I’m in. (I’ll be trying with two hands lol)

im in… psh… 2 hands :stuck_out_tongue:

just kidding guys

thanks for this great trphys :astonished: :D;)

I’m near on the Doubleflip

I cant even flip a double, but anyway, I’m in! :slight_smile:

I’m in.

I didn’t think I was close enough to start trying for doubles yet, but I had a better day today. Got two-handed flips for the first time (could previously only flip one-handed) and made my first attempts at doubles.

OK guys i`ve land the doubleflip here is the vid

im in:D

You like competition right? your entering in every competition you see!:stuck_out_tongue: But I think it’s okay.

maybe I’m in, i think i can ride again in a few days if my ankle become right!

i´m in too

i’m in…

i’ve done a doubleflip down a curb, but can I still be in the comp??

yes !!! double flip!!

i’m uploading it right now
link comming in 20 min.