Doubleflip 3 set

Me doubleflipping a 3 set

good thing i didnt film that…Oh wait i did and got hit by a shoe, nice doubleflip

haha so funny! but awesome dude!

lol thanks i wanted to hit him in the face but instead i got him in the shoulder

thats not really a 3 set.

yeah well its bigger than a 2 set so i call it a 3 ill have a doubleflip down a true 3 set in my next video

Well if you want to get technical its a 2 and one-tenth set, and even if it was a full three set he would have cleared it, so I don’t think it really matters either way.
Nice double flip BTW.

thanks i have a pretty big three set in front of my house that i treyfliped down i have that on youtube

thats the set ill doubleflip in my next video over christmas break

That was a nice treyflip also. I was wondering how long have you been riding?

started riding late september last year but i quit when basketball started but then got back into it in march and started to ride street

nice double flip, was mad clean

3 stairs, 3 set. Nice.

The shoe made me laugh. :slight_smile: