Double sets.

landed one yesterday. 3 flat 3 :sunglasses:

who else has done one? or has heard of seen some1 land a double set?

That’s better. See i knew you were a smart person by moving it to RSU. :smiley:

I can’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure skrobo has done one. I know in Tom Pec’s spirit video he did one.

A long time ago when i was in palm springs i gapped a 2 flat 2. I remember the flat part to be quite long though, since it took me several tries. Its hard to tell the difficulty of these double sets in words, they need to be on video.:wink:

i would rather do a double 2 with a large gap, than say a 6 set. its way more fun cause you dont fall as far but you have to work way harder to get it.

Kevin does a couple huge doubles in spaced out.

ive done 2 double sets. they where nothing impressive. like a 4-2,3-3

It also depends on how big the flat is. Sometimes the flat is like only two steps, but other times its like 6 feet wide.

Also about the only clip I have of myself riding, is of me doing a double 4 with a three foot gap in the middle.

a 3 flat 3 is much harder than an 8. i know cos i did both that day. (dw i got it on film, just collecting more footage to make a hella good clip.)

u need more speed and a bigger jump, more skill required.

i think kevin’s was something rediculous like 5 flat 5.

So far I havent found a double set in Spokane, but there has to be at least one of them here.

I want to do one.

dub sets are the best =]

Agreed, they make the best manny pads. Nothing like that in my area though.