Double Leg wrap Comp

Meh… Another competition? Why not…

This time its a double leg wrap… A trick I’ve been having loads of trouble with, and need some motivation…

Anyone interested?

Name: Brendan Roman
Type of Riding: Street
Fav. trick: Varial
Fav. Cartoon: The Angry Beavers

The competition starts when we have at least 3 entrants…

Good luck to all!

Trophy: )-2xLegwrap-O

Quote this message and copy and paste the trophy in your sig when you land it.

In, but i dont think ill have video proof. I dont have a camera.

I mean you can compete I guess, but since there wont be any proof that you landed it, then I suppose you cant place in the competition, or put the trophy in your sig. But good luck anyway… let me know about your progress.

Ok… Two more entrants and the competition comences.

I’m in for sure.

My friend learned learned double leg wraps easily but then again, he’s getting really good at flatland…fast. (Any Terrain)

One more contestant!

I went outside… Im kinda close…

When I get my leg around for the second time, I just cant stay balanced… Very frustrating.

Well if this was made yesterday, and was triple this would be a very short comp…

But anyways here are a few tips: try to learn the double mount first; try to do a leg wrap, put your foot down, (don’t hop) and then do another right after; also when you do try the double GO SLOW, going fast will just make you loose balance (unless you are a pro at it already)

I want to play, but I won’t be able to ride till monday or tuesday.

Oh, i’m in.

One leg comes off the pedal, and rotates around the seat twice, right?

Im in. I think I can manage to do this with my back feeling as bad as it does.

You are correct, sir.

The competition is on now. Good luck everyone.

I cant ride today. Its so wet outside. I hope I can get it before wednesday. Im going away thursday.

im in ive been getting close for a while:)

might as well learn something new

I’m in.
I get it around one and a half times and my foot ends up on the ground…
out to go practise

Never mind. Turns out I forgot how to do a single leg wrap over the winter, among other things. Til I get that back I’m out of the competition. Also my new cranks are kinda funky to stand on…

gah… i just got in from some trials, and i dont wanna do a leg wrap, since im really sweaty lol. I’m gonna eat some ice, then attempt to land on and get it on tape, if i get it on tape, i’ll post it

Did it!

Was infront of my house for 2 hours to get it. I was sweaty! Wooh! Not just like, one drip coming off the nose here and there, but I had about 5 or 6 at a time dripping off my face.

Ill be editing up the vid in a few mins.

Gah, I guess I just gotta get 2nd or 3rd place then!

Yep. =p Which is just as good. Im editing the vido up right now. May take a while, cause im making it look good lol.

I was wishing the trick would take me 20mins to get, but I was out there for 2 hours. It was soo hot!

Really, I ALMOST got the mount down…But when I figure once I got the mount it will be really easy for me to get it down normally because that’s how I learned single leg wraps…