Double flips!!

hi, i want to do doubleflips, and i need some tips to practice, can someone give me advices?

I’ve landed them, but fallen right off.

Jump high, keep the seat under you, spot landing, pull up on seat

Look at the doubleflip competition;)

Try to land the doubleflip down something with two hands. When you have landed them down something with two hands you can try to land them with two hands on flat. When you are safe on the doubleflips with two hands then you just go for the one handed doubleflip.

It`s not so hard;)

Learn it two handed first, but beware of broken seat posts (after you land maybe 10 or so two handed ones move to one handed ones to avoid broken seat posts)

Two handed:

  1. Ride forward at a slower pace than usual crankflips.
  2. Start to pull up on the seat one rotation before the jump.
  3. Flip as hard as you can!
  4. STAY OVER THE UNICYCLE (hardest part for me and most people)
  5. Land like a crankflip.

One handed:

  1. Ride forward at a quicker pace than usual.
  2. Do NOT pull up one revolution before.
  3. Right before you jump pull up as hard as you can and flip.
  4. Kick your legs outs either to the side or behind you depending on your style.
  5. STAY OVER THE UNICYCLE (once again hardest part of the trick)
  6. Land EXACTLY like a crankflip.

Hope that helped, it will take you a while so don’t give up.

You don’t need to learn two hands first…
I learned one hand on flat…The secret is to jump high, keep the uni right under you, strong kick and watch the pedals rotating to catch them in the right time.