double flips!!!!!!!!!!!!(with vid)

i finally got double flips. heres a vid

Awesomeness, Its cool how you ride up all casual, then bust a double flip.


awesome, nice shoe too

he rides like that up to all his hops then just hops up like 3 feet plus like its nothing

anyways congrats man, now you can practice them till there easy

those shoes were new!

hey how many ppl are doing double flips now anyway?

(whit forward flip)atleast 10+ i guess


The list so far is

  • Mike Swarbrick
  • Shaun Johanneson
  • Jerad Glatt
  • Xav’ collos
  • Luke
  • Alex Toms
  • Sabin Arditty
  • Klas Glingestam
  • Spencer Hochberg
  • Kelly Hickman
    *Jeff “Lick Tea” (skate4flip)
    *Bryan Stevens!
    *Dale Entwistle

(and now you;))

You can add your name to the doubleflip thread.

Good vid.
Great skill.

Well done mate.

Oh and whos bedford pro shirt is that? It looks like a back tire grab so is it Dan Heaton? would you mind posting a pic of it?

yea its dan. i mainby will after it comes out of the wash. its all sweaty

Niiiice, that was really clean too. Some doublefips look like… closer to 1 1/2 but that was perfect.



why does everyone always put Lick Tea :thinking: (Liechti)

Anyways awesome job on the double flips, it was really clean. I dont ill ever beable to get them consistent.

Well I think Bryan typed it that time and everyone has just been copying and pasting the list.

After watching this vid I realized I hadn’t landed a double flip since the day I filmed mine and I had not done any on my trials uni yet. I went out side and in not too much time and with no shin guards I landed 2 of them. I think today and tomorrow I will practice them a lot to try to get them consistant.

I am the king of doubles!!!:wink:


Yes Kelly you have the standing record for biggest set. But let’s not forget, i’ve done them up curbs, with 180’s, hicks, varials, and sex changes also 13 in a row. ;). Hee hee

-Shaun Johanneson

Okay Shaun, I guess we will just have to see my next video for the rest.


I am sooooo close to 180 doubles, I would have landed one today but my camera battery died and I ran out of water at the park:(

I thought there was a water fountain? or was it a different park?