Double Flip!!!!

Lol, While i was putting this together I saw that there were people who had just landed a crankflip and tripleflip. So Here I am in the middle with my Doubles that I learned this week. (and on my 145s :astonished: :wink: :slight_smile: !!!



good job!
I just learned 180 unispins and opposite leg seat wraps…

Good job!

The era of the double flip had begun after the profiles lost their reign.

And on flat too! Very nice. Do it with shorter cranks, two handed and off a small ledge and you’ll have quads.

ugh… I hate 2 handed :angry: . It messes me up:p ! I can already go off of a 2 set and I was gonna go for 3 but the one close by only has a 1 1/2 rev lead up which isn’t enough. I’m also getting moments and a KH wheelset which should help improve my flipping skills too…

You’d think getting shorter cranks helps, but… by the time you get use to them you’d probably be in the same place with ur normal cranks.