-Double Flip Competition-

Let the games begin (Feb 7th). Rules are as per usual.

•You can not have landed a double flip before.
•First person to land it(clean) and get the video online wins.
•You must land it clean enough to please the other competitors.
•It must be landed on flat ground to count.
•you may hop ONCE after the flip.

Along with first place, a second, third, and fourth place will be awarded. So don’t give up after someone posts their video.

PLEASE try and make your video clips somewhat enjoyable… Even tho its a race it is much nicer to watch a well made video than a scrappy half ass clip of your first double.

Years ridding:
Fav. Trick:
Fav. Fruit:[/B]

ALSO: If someone would make the signature trophy that would be awesome… I’m boggled. Thanks.

Good luck!!

Name: Sam Haber
Location: USA
Years ridding: Got on a uni 7 or 8 ago. Been ridding street for 1.5 years
Fav. Trick: Fakie big spins, inward spins, 360s
Fav. Fruit: Kiwi or grapefruit

Booya! Doubles here I come.

I’m in…we never know…I might find some time before the week end. But I’ll have to learn crankflips first I guess ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Name: Hugo Duguay
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Years ridding: Either 2555 days (7 years) or 558 days (1 year and a half)
Fav. Trick: 540 Twist
Fav. Fruit: All

Good luck to all of you, you’ll need it !


not that I’m participating… but shouldn’t you also define what counts as a double and whats not? I’d say it has to go around clearly 1.75 times around at least and needs to be shown in slow mo. Just a thought…

Edit: good luck to you all

I think it needs to go around(clearly) 2 full times. cranks should land on 3-9 or damn near it.
Slow mo is definitely a good idea, but not fully needed if you can still see clearly its a double.

Aight im in on this one…

Name: Cody Fricken Williams
Location: So Cal(with the hot girls)
Years ridding: 7(I think)
Fav. Trick: big spinin drops
Fav. Fruit: Orange

Name: Jerrick Crites
Location: Spokane
Years ridding: 4 years? Maybe 3. lol
Fav. Trick: Big flowy 360s. Body and arm fully extended.
Fav. Fruit: No clue. Potatos I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

My intire walkway is covered in about an inch or three of ice. About 80% of the sidewalks and roads, and any open area are covered in snow.

This is gonna be fun. Really fun.

EDIT: Just looked out the window, and its snowing. Haha.

Name: Jason Auld
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Years ridding: Learnt 5 years ago, Street riding 3 years
Fav. Trick: Huge spin/Treflip
Fav. Fruit: Banana

Name: Marcus Collings
Location: Midlands(ish) England, UK
Years ridding: Just over one
Fav. Trick: Tre-side-flips look pretty cool
Fav. Fruit: Fruit? …uh probably mango

I wont be able to go out for another 4 or so hours so I hope no one gets it by then. Hopfuly It wont take long to get. I cant see that there going to be much harder than straight crankflips, we will see.

Ok I got back from school and have been out for about 20 mins. Its a pretty cool trick, I had good fun learning it. I managed to land quite a few. I will edit what I got now. It will probably take me a while because I am pretty new to adobe premiere, I will add some music and effects and stuff. If anyone can get theres up before me they can have it. It seems a bit unfair that alot of people probably havnt been out to try it yet, Im just glad it wasnt won by the time I got here.

The only advice I can give is start your kick with your cranks at the 2/8 position and jump up with your back foot so you get more air time pulling up on the saddle. Good luck.

Name: Matt
Location: Canada
Years ridding: 1.5
Fav. Trick: out flip
Fav. Fruit: apple

I don’t think I stand much of a chance considering that we got almost a foot of snow over night, and I won’t have a good place to ride for a while. Also since somebody has already landed it before I even saw the thread, which wouldn’t have been for a few more hours if I didn’t have a snow day.

Haha I thought I set my camera up pointing alot further to the right so half of them wernt on film and what I have is only just on. Il just put up what I got

Its the taking part that counts, Just compete with those who havnt landed it yet.

Im heading out for a quick driving lesson because I havnt been out for ages, my vid will be up after. Probs will be 30 ish mins.

If your gonna put it in quotes the least you could do is write what was actually said… and personally I don’t see how it is ridiculous.

No hops are best of course, but considering its a new trick for everyone playing I don’t feel that they should have to be “perfect”

I don’t know what your problem with the doubleflip comp is, you’ve been quite cynical about the whole thing.

I’m not saying you have to be on the same page as everyone, but if your going to make comments like that, please try to explain yourself a bit more.


Good job Marcus.
Its been quite rainy here all day… hopefully I can get a chance to go out and try before dark or snow.

Ahhh The forums are running so slow, I just wrote a response then went to post it, it froze and I lost it :angry:

Im almost done, just trying to figure out how to add titles.

I know this is off topic in this thread but I would apretiate it if someone could say how you export/render your video once you have finished editing. Sorry for the threadjack.

Not sure about your software. I could guide you through if it were a mac… :roll_eyes:

I made a little video of the short little bit of time I had while the sky wasnt leaking. The vid shows the stormy weather closing in over my head while I rushed to try and land it… my camera started getting a bit too wet for my liking and I packed it up. Maybe I will go into town and ride under the overhang after the shops close up…

Here is my video for now… Oh so close: http://www.vimeo.com/672272

okay sorry, I thought were arguing that there should be NO hops. I think anyone competing to land a double is prolly good enough that one hop should be plenty.

Ok finaly, Im just starting to upload it onto vimeo. It says its going to take about an hour so I will see if I can compress it.

Ok finaly, Im just starting to upload it onto vimeo. It says its going to take about an hour so I will see if I can compress it.